Monday, August 21

Go for your goals.

Salam and Hi everybody!

I hope you are doing well because I am.
If you are not, yeah it is okay to not be okay - hope you'll get better soon.

I still remember.

There was a point in my life when I was about to graduate from matriculation and I did not know what I want to study. What is my passion? The things that I know at that moment is I love singing and music. I started joining music and band just for fun.

People say passions can become careers - nahhhh my parents don't allow me to go into music for a career. Then they stay as hobbies and that is okay. I'd never want that to be my job either.

Yeah people also say that we have to follow our dreams (no matter how much it may hurt). So that when you grow up your passion is your job. Well I'd heard that advice a lot when I was a kid.

A lot of people feel teenagers should have their lives planned out at the age 18 or even 16. But I just wondered how people at 19 know what they want the rest of their lives to look like. All I know is I want to make amount of money. That's it.

My goal at that time is I want to go to university and get a degree. I've wanted to do things that I am good at, and it's gonna be my job - I must study things that I am good at. Then people said, end up you'll be in a completely unrelated job - it will not be relevant with your degree. You might be enjoyed with your job but it is not your passion. Yeah I heard it a lot!

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But I don't care. I am not built for that kinda thinking. I must pursue in things that I am gonna be fabulous at. Yeas I was struggling with what career path I want to take. It's not that I lack ambition. I just don't know, I haven't figure out exactly what I want.

I once told my friend, to be honest I don't know what I want to study. I kept dua and I put trust in Allah, to put me in a place and be in a programme that I will be good at them, no matter if I don't like them at that moment, I promise I will fall for it and I am not afraid to take the risks.

And here I am, end up studying thing I love. I'll start my third year in September. I've never thought that I am going to love what I am doing. Alhamdulillah.

People, remind yourself that nothing can stop you from achieving your goals and also influence others to continue doing things they love about for the rest of their lives.

Go for your goals, achieve your personal success!

Till then, keep well.

Saturday, August 19

21 Things I've learnt in the last 1 year

Salam and Hello everybody!

I hope you are doing well.

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And here is 21 things I learned and realised in the last 1 year.

1. Be brave enough to walk away from situations that don't benefit you.

2. Give yourself the space and time to grow.

3. Don't care of what others think of you.

4. Don't stop being a good people because of bad people.

5. Also, don't always be too good for everyone. You don't need to be a bad person either.

6. Be careful with who are you choosing to work with (in a work group)

7. Don't be afraid of the real world. (don't be scared for life)

8. You can't please everyone.

9. I realised I still don't know how to say 'NO'

10. It's okay to not be okay and it's okay to cry sometimes.

11. Heartbreaks can happen and that's okay. You'll be okay.

12. Always be thankful then you'll learn to appreciate little things.

13. Don't set your expectations too high. Keep it low to save yourself from disapointments.

14. Not everyone has good intentions as you do.

15. Evaluate your relationship before you get in too deep.

16. I realised that everyone makes mistakes. (not just me)

17. Not everyone would treat you as how you treat them.

18. Don't be in a hurry to make a permanent decisions.

19. Don't let your past experiences stop you from living your life.

20. You are the key to changing your life.

21. Don't try to fit in, you'll only end up hurt.

Till then, keep well!

Thursday, August 17

Was on semi hiatus.

Salam and Hi everyone!

Maybe most of you probably never noticed I was inactive. I hope everyone was doing fine.

Yes I was going on hiatus and it is over. I really really want to post inspirational things but I don't know something took away my joy of blogging. So that is the main and first thing why I chose to take a semi break from blogging.

I don't really know why I felt that way. Just haven't had really much motivation to blog. Basically I wasn't in the mood to blog for a while - so I had to take a little break. To step back for a bit plus motivation was not there.

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But from now on, I will try to be more active, try to update this blog consistently. I love being back again and I hope it is going great.

Good news: I finally cleared my skin from acne. I had a really bad breakout for your info. Alhamdulillah, after few months. Now its getting better, its cleared. I just have scars here and there, and still in the process to fade them away.

In advance, thank you for still sticking with me. Thank you for reading and following. All your support and feedback means a lot to me.

Stay awesome people!

Wednesday, August 9

Forgiveness is beautiful.

Salam all and Hi lovelies.

Maybe some of you say that forgiving is not necessary and we don't actually have to forgive everyone but on a personal level, I gotta say that forgiving people is actually a huge part in moving on. I forgave people to keep the peace or whatever.

I used to hate people who lied to me, cheated and betrayed me. But then they teach me to expect less from human and rely on Allah.

I admit that some times I feel victimised by apologizing for things that aren't even my fault and whenever I need to forgive them even they aren't sorry. I end up simply don't even give a crap (even I say that I don't do hate but actually I just started to hate them).
But that hate, bitterness and anger did nothing to them and its not good to me either. Then I started forgiving them and leave everything to Allah.

I chose to forgive them even they haven't apologised. I wanted to free myself from bitterness and anger. I give it to Him because He is our justice and peace, then I always chose to move forward.

Thanks to my parents - no matter how many mistakes I make, they still love and forgive me. They knew that I'm growing up. Thank you for being patient and love me as much as they can. There is no love without forgiveness right?

Yes I once read that "kalau maaf tu mudah, semua orang akan sentiasa buat silap" well yes! but forgiveness is actually good for us.
You must have heard of forgive but not forget. We forgive those who have wronged us but we never forget. No doubt.
To give them a second chance is your choice, but what could help you to fully recover from what they have done to you is forgiveness.

Maybe you'll forgive them but kinda hope karma gets them. Whatever suit yourself!

What I want to say is,

If only we remember how short this life is and how soon we will be a memory for all, we had be more forgiving and less likely to hold grudges.
Forgiving someone who didn't know they messed up because I chose to let it go without telling them they wronged you, I forgive them and it feels good.

I just realised, forgiving those who hurt me literally allowed me to be free. Now I breathe a little easier.

Anyways, what does forgiveness look like to you?

Till then, keep well.

Monday, August 7

Become a tutor.

Salam all and Hi.

It is sem break and I usually stay at home but this time I want to try something new so I have been working as a tutor for math and additional math.
Personally, I am not a professional tutor but I used to tutor a lot in high school back then.

Shout out to my add-math teacher (when I was in secondary school back then) for giving me this opportunity and trust me to become a tutor for his students.

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I had few sessions with them.
I have four students, an Indian girl and three boys. They are okay, friendly and I like them because they are so hardworking. That's enough, I couldn't ask for more than that.

They are terrible at math. I have to admit that, but that's okay to me. I will help them as much as I can. - I also help them with their homework. Peace.

Our first session went well.
They came over to my house and the tutoring session was starting at 8 in the morning. (Yes I need to wake up earlier than normal).
I sat down at the table with them and tutoring them. For three hours!
I don't know how much they've learned at school so far. but they ware like

"Please guide us from the very beginning because we are lost. We failed in this subject"
"We just got like 4/100 on test"

I told them that it will all be alright. Inshallah.
I genuinely want them to feel positive. I want to make them feel awesome when they getting stuff done. I want to help them turn that failing grade into a passing grade.

I told them that math fades if they don't practice it.

For the fee, RM20 per month (4-5 classes).
At first my mom was like "That's insane, no one would ask for just RM20 for addmath tuition" which means my mom asked me to ask for more than RM20, at least RM30, she said that its hard to teach math, especially to someone who terrible at it.
My answer is still no, I will stick with RM20. I don't really know how to ask for money tbh.
And it has been a month, none of them pay me yet lol. But its legit okay to me.
I don't really do this because of money, yeah I am bored. So why not?

Wish me all the best btw.

Till then, keep well.