Saturday, September 24

Grammar Police

Salam and Hi all.

I hope you are doing well.

Lemme straight to the point.

English is not our native language, isn't it?

Few grammatical flaws would be okay if your reader/listener have the meaning of what you're saying - unless you're dealing with essay, formal speeches etc.

Well sometimes there is insufferable grammar people. I would like to call them grammar police.

For me as a blogger, I think when your meaning is understood, perfect grammar isn't necessary. But, but it is important to keep it to a minimum. Minimum!
I'm not saying about writing an essay or any formal thingy. I'm saying about blog post to be clear.

I always find errors when I read my published blog post - to be honest.
I swear sometimes I'm so lazy to correct it immediately. So I just leave it tho, I realized the mistakes I made.
Yes my grammar might not be perfect.

I always wanted you to get and focus on what I want to deliver - the message not about the grammar.
If you want to focus on my grammar, would you give a paper and let me write an essay?

No offense and I really don't care -,-

What you should do if someone corrects your grammar on your blog post:
(1)   Correct your text.
(2)   Thanks them and leave it.

You don't even have to apologize in advance for your grammar imperfections.

It's not about you tho, it's all about grammar police who is the real fan of English I think - so just chill and make the change.
Life is too short to be sad.

No one will assume you're dumb anyway.

Remember this: if someone want to help you improve your English, they will be showing you the errors but not in public. Not in public.
Yes your grammar can be polished by grammar police btw.
Otherwise, they just can't see any incorrect things because they are perfect - not like you! Ahaks!

Keep growing and learning - be confident!

Bye y'all.

Monday, September 19

Going thru Perak - Part 1

Salam and Hi all.

Homigod, I miss all my dolls and readers so much.
I'm so sorry for not updating my blog regularly.

I'm so chipsmore, isn't it?

Recently my friends/housemates went to Ipoh-Lumut where is located somewhere in Perak.
Since we are studying at UPSI, so here we go!

Actually it took us long time to make this decision to cross Perak. We wanted to go to Fraser's Hill at first, but we couldn't. We had our own reasons btw.

So this is the first place we went to, Gunung Lang.

So beautiful it is! You should go and look by yourself.
If you want to go the island, it's not an island btw yet I dunno what to call it. Hahaha. But yah, somewhere that you need to take a boat.
It's only RM 3. You should go there! Please I'm begging.
But if you don't want, it's okay then.

Nevermind, here is how the "island" looks like:

One of my favourite places there. It looks like in a fairy tales thingy. I literally like it.

I swear I love love love the view.
Anyway, I'm so sorry if I look messy in the photo above. Hahaha.

It looks so classic - like you and me. LOL.

my friends and I, they are so adorable 

for those who loves to take pictures kind of thing - this is the place you should go because there are lots of places at the "island" that you can take pictures and I think you are going to love it.

There is like a mini zoo, I also don't even know what to call it. Hahaha.
But there are ostrich and deer - but you are not allowed to give any foods to them.
But you can take pictures.

roses are red, violets are blue, my eye-bags look so bad.

My tired faceeeeeee - the "island" is quite big to walk thru. so yahhhh I was so knackered.
Forgive me for all the flaws on my face btw. TT__TT
In the range 1 to 10. I would give 7/10.
I love the view and all the facilities like surau, toilet and stuff is in a good condition.
The place is also suitable for all kids, young adults and adults.

p.s: this is the part 1 of the stories. I will update more later. Thanks y'all for reading this - and don't forget to hit a comment down below. Peace.

oh ya, Apologize if you are bored with the photos. Hehe.

Bye peeps!

Wednesday, September 14

My Raya Haji.

Salam and Hi all.

Wow it has been a while since my last post and now we are in September.

How fast time flies?
We don't even know.

To be frank, nothing much happened but I have like a lot to blog about. Haha Idk but I think so.

oh ya,
Muslims still celebrating Hari Raya I believe - so Selamat Hari Raya to all Muslim friends.
and congratulations to all who still in a holiday, well I already at UPSI but all classes are cancelled for today yet tomorrow I have a class which is OOP JAVA.
One of my favourite classes btw.

I wanted to do a room/dorm tour and show you guys who is my room looks like.
But now I'm a bit lazy - I'm a hardworking student instead. heh.

I swear I'm not that fat huaaaa TT__TT
if you are wondering how was my makeup? 

simple makeup by me for Hari Raya. hehe.

my dad did a korban but I'm not as busy as my dad and bros. I just lepak lepak and watched Train to Busan at night.
Honestly I hate hate hate the story. The story and plot is great but I hate sad story. I really am. I can't help.

how was your raya?

till then,
bye y'all.