Saturday, July 30

Foundation Oxidizes

Salam all. Hi.

Wow I just start again after a few days hiatus from blogging. I don't know, I was not on that mood.
Never mind, it's all right now.
I want to share with all my girlfriends out there or maybe with boys who are reading this post.
Yah after this you boleh lah belagak dengan your girlfriend/wife/sister/friend etc. that you are good in makeup thingy. haha.

Actually this post is very special to girl who is just starting to get into make-up thing or yang selama ni curious, like you don't know what is wrong with your foundation or your skin tone.
So I want to help you, even a bit - so I hope this post might helps you to choose right foundation for you and your skin tone, you can feel fabulous then.

To people who don't know, what is foundation - it is kind of paint for your skin, applied to your skin to cover your flaws or to change the skin tone to look more flawless etc. understand?

Sometimes kan bila you pakai foundation and few hours later you rasa your skin is darker than the originally applied or dull macam tu kan, and you simply conclude that foundation is not suitable for your skin-color then you buy another foundation which is more brighter than before.
Lepastu you rasa macam tepung dekat muka so you give up and you frust lepastu you moody because you dah habis duit for that crap beauty product.

When your foundation goes darker on you, its called oxidization. Yah so you have to know foundation you pakai tu oxidizes ke tak.
I personally pernah experience tau, I memang noob lah so I don't know why this happens but I was like lantaklah - I want to look tan, come on tan is pretty!
I memang noob till I searched the net for info.

It actually can be frustrating to girl who want to look fair and light all day,
Relax okay.

Oxidation happens when the formula in the foundation react to our facial oils.
But jangan ingat this process happens to one with oily skin je - it also possible happens to one with combination and what not.
The temperature, the environmental weather - are also the factors.
or maybe it happens because of sunblock which is containing Titanium dioxide and Zinc oxide or powder yang you applied after the foundation.
Tapi janganlah you stop pakai sunblock pulak, you should.
Well I tak pakai pun sebab I malas, so I pakai payung je. hehe.

What I can suggest you to avoid your foundation from oxidizes is use a primer.
It not only helps your foundation stay longer - it also separate the oils on your skin from the foundation. Dia macam lock your face, so dia akan prevent or minimize the oxidation process.
So to those yang pakai sunblock, please apply primer after, that you can build a barrier.

But if you think primer is not so helpful, you can use foundation that is one-two shades brighter than your skin tone.
So bila dia oxidizes, it will becomes darker and sama dengan your normal skin tone. Brilliant!
Kalau you kata, you have oily skin type and you decided to avoid oil based foundation so dia takkan oxidizes blablabla.
No no, all foundations have chance to oxidizes.

Kalau tanya I, memang I pakai a bit darker than my normal skin tone.
Macam Maybelline punya cake, actually my skin tone memang kena dgn Natural, but I'm using darker which is Honey. Foundation pun sama. I don't know I memang suka tan skin tone.
Actually susah tau to look tan. Selalu failed lah hahaha.
Whatever redah je.

Hopefully, this post is helpful lah. If you have any questions. kindly ask me. dont be shy.
And if you have more tips, tell me babe!

Okay ciao.

Tuesday, July 26

Notebook Giveaway by Eeca Shyaa

Salam All and Hi.

I memang jarang join any giveaway but
I just found an interesting giveaway. I was very excited when I saw it.

So today...
I want to join this giveaway because I really really love notebook.
Especially one with adorable design etc. FYI I have a random collection of notebooks. yay!

Click the banner above if you are interested to join the Giveaway. or click the link down below

There are few steps to enter the giveaway:

1. Be the follower of the blog. DONE
I'm one of your darlings now. ahaks!

2. Add her on Facebook. DONE

3. Create an entry. DONE
4. Tag 3 people to join. DONE

5. Leave my entry link in the comment box. DONE

Hopefully I can be one of the winners and get the notebook.
Wish me luck!

Bye guys.

Saturday, July 23

Nothing Much.

Salam all and Hi.


What's up?
em. Nothing much. Just the usual.

I'm on my semester break still. I literally got nothing to do. Plus, I don't even know what to do, I have no clue.
Bored? Yah so sad. I keep watching the series Harry Potter and HIMYM over and over again.
Well Harry Potter is my favorite for watching.
I'm not working at my dad's office, I decided. Because its kinda boring, I swear!

and Piano Tiles is currently my favorite apps. First time I tengok my lil cousin played the game, I was like "What the stupid game?", and I decided to give a try then hambikkkau, addicted! Its a drug, damn it!

em I just checked my exam results last night. yah I'm happy because I still get the first class. but tak banyak bertambah. Its better than last semester, but just a bit. I want to get 4.0, I can't tapi hampir hampir. Alhamdulillah. Course I'm thankful.
I want to do better on next semester, InshaAllah.  Pray for me!

my simple makeup look, I just touch up sikit sikit je

I went to Kedah last Thursday. yah Kedah is nice cuma panas sikit.
I thought Perak ni dah panas kaw kaw, suprisingly Kedah lagi panas baqhang! Hahaha.

Another me. Feelin' so hot yet I know Imma cool kid, mannn

Anyways, I have to get back to UPSI on 3rd or 4th September.
I still tak plan apa apa for next semester I just want to do the best.
and guess what? I will join Taekwondo. Just don't underestimate me okay.
Actually, I takut jugak lah because I admit I'm weak on my physical part yet I am strong at the heart part. yknow what I mean?
But I hope I will improve my physical weakness.
Wish me luck!

Till then,
bye y'all.

Tuesday, July 19

Software Eng. Q&A

Salam all.
and Hi.

I am not a guru thing that I am not here to teach you you the exact what to do to become a Software Engineer or what to prepare before you further your studies in Software Engineering,
yet I am here to suggest you few ways/tips to prepare before you take this course since someone has asked me :

"Kalau lepas spm macam mana nak prepare dari awal? What should I do?"

I think this is such a popular question.
and to those who sent me emails. I want to thank you for asking.

I am proud of you because yes you just know what you want in your life. What you want to be. etc.
Frankly, when I was at your age I did not know what I want to be. I followed the flow and tadaaa here I am.

So today, I want to answer that question:
Okay, kalau lepas Spm. What I can suggest you is, ambil Diploma or Matriculation Programme.

If you choose to be in Matriculation Programme:
You need to take the 2nd/3rd Module because Foundation of Computer Science is one of the subjects.
Yes Foundation, so tak banyak yang you akan belajar but seriously it is going to be so helpful when you further your studies in degree.
It is more like an introduction to each topic. Introduction to Database, Programming and what not.
Part yang paling I suka is bukan belajar 100% theories tapi jugak kita practice. So you will gain so so many skills, knowledge etc.

Kalau ikut experience I,
I banyak ponteng class masa dekat Matrik. Haha (jangan contohi)
So 70+% memang I belajar sendiri. The algorithm, Start dari how to draw a pseudocode etc memang I belajar all by myself. and class tutor memang helpful sangat. I tak boleh ponteng class tutor sebab cikgu tutor I ni akan cari sampai bilik siapa tak datang class. so what do you expect? memang tak lah nak skip class dia.

The very first time I kena practice coding was suck! I memang blur. But in few mins I started my first coding and tadaaaa Alhamdulillah I love coding till now.
Memang since I sekolah I suka problem solving questions that is why I love Math all my life!
End all the flashbacks here. Enough!

Diploma in Computer Science is another good choice:
I am not sure apa yang you akan belajar but I think it is a good choice.
Maybe Diploma in Programming pun okay. I don't know much about Diploma. I am so sorry.

What If you choose Pre-University?
I tak tahu kalau ada subject Computer Science etc in Pre-Uni.
I have many friends from Pre-Uni yang tak ada apa apa basic in IT/Computer etc. Yes yes yes, they have to struggle more and more. It's may be a little bit stressful. Yalah, bila orang lain dah catch up and you still terkapai-kapai (I am so sorry kalau term I tak guna tak betul)
But yes you know what I mean? I hope so.
I can feel them. I tolong mana yang I mampu. Cuma belum bukak kelas tuition berbayar je. Hahaha. Joke! Don't be too serious guys.

So you can choose any ways you want. Strive for it and be the best on everything you do!

Anyways, I belajar HTML language before and after Spm. Well because I am a blogger and I did my site all by my own dari header sampai footer.
Dulu blog I penuh dengan design and pink with all the cute stuff (siapa sempat kenal I masa tu tahu lah hahaha)
Well well I grew up and yaaaa this is how my blog looks like. It also grew up.

To that Anonymous, I think you dah boleh search and belajar sebanyak sedikit about programming. Jangan banyak sangat pun takpa. Just kind of introduce yourself to computer and technology world! Wehuuuu.
Any question, you can ask me or send me an email.
Or you nak tengok contoh assignment? *Voldemort laughs

Oh yaaa. Last,
This course is not suitable for someone who want learning to be easy. Em, well just my two cents.

Till then,

Sunday, July 17

My Niece Imitates Me.

Salam all Muslims.
and Hi to non-Muslims.

Few days back, when I was performing Zohor.
My lil 4 year old niece came close to me and imitates me.
She Rukuk when I Rukuk. She sujood when I sujood. and so on.
The funny part, when sujood in the last Rakaat was a bit longer then she decided untuk bangun and go somewhere else I don't know till I finish untuk tahiyat akhir, he came back and do tahiyat akhir.
She called me whilst I am praying. etc. Lol.
And she was "Zera dah solat dah".

Guess what? dia just pakai seluar without baju.
Hahaha. I was struggling to gain khusyuk in the prayer!

Well usually orang kita suka paksa/practice anak untuk berpuasa padahal baru 4 to 6 year old.
Tapi bila pasal solat. Tak tekankan pula. Ajarlah solat dulu.
Tak betul jugak ajar berpuasa tapi tak ajar/practice anak untuk solat.

Yes some might says "Tak salah ajar puasa dalam umur macam tu. kena biasakan blabla"
But they are kids. They love to play all day! so they need more energy to learn and explore new activities, skills etc. to build their imagination and confidence.

I have no kids/baby but I can feel them.

She is so innocent and very smart . She is the most intelligent kid I have ever met.
Obviously I am her favorite person so she might thinks I am the coolest ever person to be friend with. Well I can be a role model or good example.And I more like her best friend.
Anyways, I think she likes me because I can be a kid. Anytime. Anywhere. I love spending time with her, I just love kids!
I always read her a story, fed her. Yes she is not my biological child but she still my baby.

I am seriously proud of her and her parents.

when I was 19. So? lain sikit dengan I yang sekarang kut Hahaha Idk.

I want her to know I'm only a phone call a way. I want to be an awesome aunt. Hehe.
There are tons stories of her and I will blog more about her later. InshaAllah.


Friday, July 15

Aku Designer Blog

Salam all and Hi.

Today is Friday and I decided to do a review of a blog. It is Friday Review, yayyy!
The blog is AKU DESIGNER.

Since this blog is fully in Bahasa, I think I should post the review of it also in Bahasa.
Well, I'm pretty good in Bahasa what. It is my mother tongue.
So let's get started.

I suka header. Kemas, simple, tak serabut. Just niceeee and I love it I swear.

I chose his blog because:
1)  menarik, banyak info.
2)  owner blog pun friendly.
3)  I nak tolong tambahkan followers.
and banyak lagi.

As I see it, I would give 7/10.
Well nothing is perfect. The blog is nice! I suka all the tutorials. Keep it up and please update banyak lagi tutorial like How to make a brochure and whatnot. It would be fantabulous!
Sebab ramai yang perlukan tutorial macam tu. Ramai lagi yang noob and need you to be a guru. Hahaha.

So guys and girls. Go visit and follow the blog if you liked.
Boleh click dekat header or

For any product/blog/anything you want me to do a review.
Kindly pm or reached me on

Chawww lu.

Wednesday, July 13


Salam all. and Hi.

Praise be to Allah.
I hope you are doing well.

Since we are still in Shawwal so a very happy Eid ul Fitr to you and thank you for reading this blog.
We meet many people during Shawwal and families do visit each other, all the handshakes and hugs thing. Kids are running and playing here and there.

Recently, I had a rough experience. I went to my mom's hometown few days back.
Many people came to visit my grandma.

There was a big family came to beraya, tanya khabar and stuff, I don't know who they are. I don't give a crap and just doing my own business.
I was sitting together with my cousins, and all of sudden, a guy (14-15 year old I think) came and he took his hands out to shake which was a little creepy. and I was like "why me?"
It looked very odd and I didn't have time to think.
I made kind of body language, a hand gestures thing to say sorry because I can't make it word correctly.

But he still want to shake.
and I feel too embarrassed and didn't know how to refuse to shake his hand. (unacceptable excuse I knew)
I'm going to be honest here. I shook hands with him, just at part of my fingers yet that was awkward.
Then I sat in my room with a little bit shocked. I feel super duper awful. Like literally. and I feel guilty about it.
I didn't know how to handle the situation.
Till his mom told us (cousins and me) that he has a little bit Down syndrome. What?!
I literally don't know because he doesn't look like he has it. Not even a bit. Idk.

It feels really weird coz yaa I don't do any physical contact with guys (who are not related) all my life.
I just want to save my hands to my future husband. Hahaha.

Well, we all make mistakes and I still strive to be better and the best.
I should be more careful after this.

yes I will.

Here is a suggestion I want to share if you are in this situation in the future when a man want to shake to greet you, we never know, it might happen in a corporate environment. kan? then you are too difficult to say sorry or don't want to hurt any person's feelings etc.
You can take out a pen and shake hands holding each side of the pen, pencil and whatnot.
Just don't be harsh.
You can try that. I forgot where I read this suggestion few years ago.

Another suggestion is you can simply placing your hands on your chest and smile.

And if you have any tips on how to handle this kind of situation, feel free to comment below or email me, don't be shy. I can blog and share it with all Muslims girls.

Till then,
bye peeps!

Sunday, July 10

Look Back & Eid Mubarak

*written on July 5

Salam all.

All praises be to Allah the Almighty, we are in the lasts day of Ramadan and he slowly walks away.
Ramadan is leaving and he might not come next year. We never know if we will ever see him again.
May Allah give us the opportunity to see the blessed Ramadan next year and accepts all our fasts this year.


and at the end of this blessed Ramadan, I seek forgiveness from Allah due to our faults, mistakes and all bad deeds.

It is time to look back.

One of common mistakes we did in Ramadan is skipping sahur.
Alhamdulillah, I eat sahur every single day of Ramadan except the first day of Ramadan (I barely woke up)
But some people think it is not important to eat sahur even there is barakah in taking sahur.

Well, a glass of water pun dah okay to keep you hydrated throughout the day! (if you are too lazy/sleepy/don't have anything to eat etc,)
It does not necessarily have to be a heavy meal, plus, we should not eat like there is no tomorrow. Just eat a light meal. Islam is a religion of ease.

It is worse who is not fasting if they missed sahur, maybe they are too scared to fast because they miss sahur like nothing is in their stomach so they will be too weak during the day. Lol.
Actually we have enough fat stored in our bodies to keep us going even for three days without food (unless he/she has a health problem).

and another big common mistakes is fasting with the intention to diet, especially the girls.
Fasting should only be for the sake of Allah alone.
Yes, there are few benefits of fasting in order to obey Allah.
Some of us losing weight and become healthier yet don't make it part of your intention because it comes automatically.

Fasting without praying, sleeping all day are another common mistakes.
The biggest mistake is one fasting because everybody else is fasting, he/she not fasting to obey Allah.

Keep calm.
All the mistakes can be corrected, we can make changes. No worries, nobody will gets hurt.
Have the intention to get better and avoid all these errors on the next Ramadan. May Allah allow us and all our loved ones.

credit : google

Now Ramadan is just about over, goodbye and here comes Eid Mubarak.
Eid is a joyous moment for sharing and happiness.
We dress nicely.
We show happiness.
We make sure everybody around is happy.
We recite takbeer, it is Sunnah for both men and women.

I want to wish all of my Muslim readers a very Happy Eid Mubarak!
A million thanks for your support to this blog.
May Allah bring you happiness, peace and joy.

Anyways, syaitan is back! Protect and improve yourself.

Praise be to Allah, the Lord.
Bye peeps!

Wednesday, July 6

Dresses Every Woman Should Own

Salam all.

Before beginning the post, Happy Eid Mubarak!

Okay. Lets move on.

Women's wardrobe is not complete without a dress.
There are various brands in the market which often gives you the best and latest dresses designs you could ever wish for.

For all the ladies who have no idea the must-have dresses that one should definitely own, take a look at them below. Those are certain dresses every woman should own.
If you one missing of the few, don't forget to purchase it fast and make your dress fashion wish list complete.

(1) The LBD

What's a closet without a LBD (Little Black Dress), right? Yes! We all need at least one LBD.
It suits every occasion and settings. Some have one while others stock up a few LBD's with different designs as it is versatile to be worn just about anywhere you go.
We can wear it with a matching purse and classic pair of black heels or colored high heels and it is great whether to work especially a corporate or elite job, parties, formal events or event dinner dates with that special someone.

(2) A Red Sexy

This is dress every woman should own and keep in their closet especially as it gives you that quick confident boost and make you feel absolutely gorgeous.
Not only that, red dresses enhances your sexy aura and when you match it with a pair of high heels and bold red lipstick. Just WOW! Nothing can ever go wrong.
This look is perfect for events and a special date night (dinner etc.)

(3) A Pastel Dress

One of the most lovely dresses you need in your closet is the Pastel dress.
For the ladies who prefer simplicity and innocence, pastel dresses will never go out of style.
Choose from the various pastel shades available from brands and pick out the ones which fir your personal style.
Pastel dress helps you bring out that feminine lady like charm to others with ease.
So be the center of attention and flaunt that look everywhere you go.
Plus, it is fun and flirty while still being very ladylike.

Do you have dresses like these in your closet?
If you don't. go out and get them.
Come on ladies. Grab it HERE.

Bye peeps!

Sunday, July 3

Blog header for byNina30 & AsyaAmin


Salam all.

Today's I want to offer, no it's more like give a blog header - to Nina who is one of my blogger friends. Yes it is free.
She was "header cantik" etc. So I was likeeee yah why not I do some charity and give her free thing. And I decided to do a some headers for her blog, let her choose which one is okay to her blog.

Creating headers was tons of fun and I really really love doing this. I hope she enjoy what I've done

I am not consider myself as a creative. You know what I mean? I don't feel I have the right skills. Hahaha. I am seriously not a Photoshop wizard or even an expert designer.
For these headers, I am not covering any topic or theme. I just want it to look simple as she is I think. Well I just want to express her personality. 

I did not make it transparent because her website is fully white as mine, so I think it would look good on a white background.
The idea for these both headers comes from I don't know.

I want to make some headers for my friend, Adda yet I look her blog is sweet enough. So I don't want to spoil it with my dang simple header.

All these headers below are for Adda. I literally want to add some colors to make it suitable for her flowery kind of blog. Here are the different styles of header:

I am so sorry I don't have the skills but I literally love to do things myself.
To Nina and Adda, choose which one is suitable for your blog and let me know.


Friday, July 1

Literally Nothing.

Salam all.

After surviving for one semester, semester break is the best part. All I want to do is nothing. Hahaha. I don't know what to do actually. Like literally.
Before the semester break, I have a things-to-do list, like it is stored imaginary in my brain. I want to do this and that. tons of things.
But now I keep telling myself to do nothing. Everyday is a typical day.
I want to enjoy my semester break by doing some productive activities but I ended up doing literally nothing.

I am interested in so many things, I want to play some games yet I am currently into a lazy mode.
I doing nothing with my days. First three or four days is enjoyable I swear - it was great but now it is not anymore. I start to get bored.

I've got lot of time to sleep since I had some sleepless nights during past semester.
I want to hang around with my friends but I don't get any chance yet.
I've been watching so many movies with different kind of genre since I have a lot free time. Of course watching movie is the best way.

People might suggest to get a job to save up some extra cash. Guess what? my dad asked me to work at his office. I don't know what position I will be at. Umm. I think I don't want to work. Sorry. I want something more excitement.

Doing nothing is not the best thing. Seriously.
All I want to do now is catching up on my reading. I got so many books which remained unread.


I've been reading White Lies. I really, really, really love this novel so far. There is a series of Truth Dare Kiss Promise which are White Lies, Pop Princess and the last is Teen Queens and Has-Beens.
I want to finish all these novels as soon as possible coz I got lots of novels I must read:

see. HAHAHA. I'd love to collect novels by Fixi/Legend/Dubook and whatnot.

I really really want to read this AWEKCHUCKTAYLOR since it is the most recommended novel. I don't know why. Let me read it first.

These are some Fixi Novels I have not read yet.
and Fixi's that I have read are
-   trilogy of MURTAD & TUHAN (LAKNAT I have not read it yet)
-   trilogy of AJAIB, AWAN & AKSARA highly high recommended
-   series of ASRAMA & PATUNG highly recommended
-   NOTA
-   TRIO

from other publisher
- series of BABI & SAKA

and few I've forgotten. sorry.
If you want any reviews. do let me know. I won't be biased. hoho.

For right now. that is it.
What about you?