Sunday, November 16


salam all.

first. im sorry to all yang rindu and stuff kat i.
coz dh seminggu cuti but baru nak update blog.

one word.


em. i already read all yr message and yaaa i miss my blog too.

since i continued study and stay from family.
i've learned something. i learned a lot tho. hahaha. but i just learned to live without help from my parents.brotha.sista.

and of course i felt a bit of freedom.

yes. freedom.

its quite exciting.

hehehe. peace.

ive learned to be more mature. but i still childish. ya i know. pathetic TT__TT
emmmmm. nevermind. at least there's a change and progress. itu lagi penting.

of course i've a lot of new friends.
well malas nak upload banyak lagi gambar. hahah.

till we meet again.

salam sayang. chaww.