Sunday, June 9

Listen and Feel. Haa? Haa?

Assalamualaikum and Hi.

omg omg omg omg.. hem. I missed to blog about something. Hem. gila rindu. Hahah, K.

Em too sick. No. I mean. yaa.. I really miss my blog. I am longing to blog.share.story about my life. my wonderful life. chehh.. but seriously ppl. I miss to blog about my life. share about it and stuff. You know what I meannnn. huh people?

Actually. I baru je habis mid-year exam. You know. Macamni ah secondary school student. Kannnn? Exam sana-sini. spm lagi. wuhhhhh.

So. What Im gonna blog about? Guess what?

Hem. About my life? I think I wont becuz dah berapa bulan dah gua tinggal blog ni. Anddd there were so many things happened, nak cite pun gua tak tahu nak cite yang mana satu. so macam tu lah. Em. If about the reasons why I dah lama tak blogging. Dah tahu. Takda masa. Sure uolls muntah hijau ah read about all my excuses. blerghh..

So. Im going to share about the song. Oh I dont think this is a song. I dont know what is this actually, seems like du'a. Yahhh thats it. Its very delighted. You know what I meannnnnnnnn?

I mean. Im veghie veghie touched when Im listening to this du'a. I dont know why, maybe becuz the way he read it or I dunno. Im not sure. Yehhh.

Here people here -

Imma tell you frankly, I dunno how to tell what I felt when I listened to this. Its hard to tell. Very hard.

It felt like touched.a little bit feeling of sadness. em. I dunno. Okay? 

People. try to listen and feel it. Feel it. Feel it. mkayyy? 

Try! bye.

May peace be upon you. Pen off. chewah :p