Tuesday, October 23

Replicate in the Final Exams.


After answering all the chemistry paper. Huhh. I dunno what to say. Memang susah. Seriously. Textbook pun gua dah khatam still hesitate jugak nak jawab. Dizziness. Ohmagad. Hopefully I'll pass the subject despite not getting A as before. Amin.

What to say. I've annoyed. I meannnn my friends also. We not satisfied.not agree.dont like the way some of our classmates who imitate during exams. Tak semua tapi ramai jugak lah. I dont too care if nak meniru sikit-sikit. Ni dah tengok buku siap dengan note lagi. Nak tambah lagi dengan Phone. Hmm. Package lah senang cerita. Yang jenis nak cover cun cover baik tu memang ada stok buku kat toilet. Ahaks! Ive found one of my friend's book in the toilet. I took it and put it in the toilet pump. Hahaha. I knew thats not a good deed. But I dah terrrrr. I didnt mean it at first. Fyi I was already sorry. I admit that Ive made a hasty action.

Please lah dont do this becaz its totally not fair. Yknow. Gua yang malam pagi duk hadap buku tapi you ollz. Uhuks. Kecewa gua. Hmm like that lah kan. Haha. Tak kisah lah if you fail sekalipun but thats effort you.

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However Ive gave an advise to one of ma friend. I was talking with a good way. I guessed. Thats all I can do. If nak report dekat cikgu ke boleh je but I still think about them. You know what I mean right? So. Up to them. By the way my examination has not been completed yet. 7 paper lagi. Accounting coursework pun tak settle lagi. Hm Hm. u___u

Cheers. See you later. Byebye.

Saturday, October 13

Our Weekend. Beach. BBQ.


Yeah. I wanna inform that case have already been completed. She apologise and I forgive. Of course. Anyway, aku memang dah intend to forgive her whether she was guilty or not. Let bygones be bygones. Let's we start something new. I just thought by myself. Hehe. By the way. Yang tak tahu amende tapi nak tahu. Read this one.

Oh lately. my family and I went to Teluk Senangin. Perak. Student mak ada camp and answering techniques kot. Im not sure. So my mom invited our family to come there cuz ada BBQ. And yahh why not I ikut kan. Keh keh.

Ive included some photos here..

Hey grrrrls.

my niece with my sista in law. hehe.

Please note. ngohngohngoh.

Jom makan. Jangan segan menyegan. whoa.

Ini je yang aku larat upload. Hahahaha. Soghie eveghiebady.

Hmph. This week aku ada final exam. Wish me luck. Ill try to do the best. Insya Allah. And if God willing I shall get a flying colours result. Amin. Hehe. To those who take the PMR. Selamat habis exam. Dun forget to continue to pray for good results. straight A's. Mudah-mudahan. Peace.

Take a breath..
Hahhhh.. Bye.