Friday, September 28

Enjoy the Beautiful Sunset.


Lately. my elder sisters and I went to enjoy the sunset. Yarh. I really enjoy it. I love the view. Picturesque. I would like to show some photos that have been captured by my sista. Cheers. I hope you enjoy it as well.

I dunno what to say. Peace.

The sunrise. Ohoo. Love it.

I dunno what I saw. Hehe.

There only photos that I can show. The others. Hmm. I dont think so. Hehe. Okay. Im going to go to the cinema with ma sista in the offing. Yoooo. Cinema #Aeonstation18 =D

Friday, September 21

Self recant. Dont blame others.


I guessed everyone had experienced something like this, maybe its not sebijik sejibik. Kan? Maybe jugak ada yang tak pernah. Yarh. Im not too sure. Okay. Sighed. I had repeatedly confronted with this issue. Sometimes I did it and sometimes others did it. It happened around me recently. I just thought, why we must blame someone else? Maybe for some people this is a common. Petty problem. Hmm. Try to think about the feelings of the person that have been blamed. So sad.

Dont think that semua orang boleh still relax kalau kena macam ni. Although you so, dont equate with other people. Please! I dont think so there are people who dont have any feelings. Takde perasaan. You know what I mean right? I sympathize with her who have been blamed. She cried. She felt guilty. I cant do anything. I just gave an advice. Hopefully, it helps.

Before we wanna blame others. Lets think about ourselves offense. Think about what you have done to others. Maybe this is law of karma. Hundred % salahkan orang lain. Its not good for yourself. You just deceive yourself. Perasan tak? So why not solve any problems without blaming others. Even memang dua-dua salah, dont look for other's faults but look yourselves. And it shall not hurt others. Will not decide any friendship.

Song of the day. Ngohngohngoh.

Actually, I remind myself becaz I pun pernah buat macam ni. Pernah but not often. Hehe. Apologize if that offended. I didnt mean it. Gua chaw. Today takda quotes. Soghie. Peace no war. 

Friday, September 7

Fever due to Rain.

Assalamualaikum. Hola.

I wasn't feeling well before this but now I began to recover. Alhamdulillah. Moreover I hate when having fever. cough and colds. I felt my body's weak. Thats not cool. All this is due I playing in rain with my fellow. Unfortunately, Im the only one who gets a fever. Probably becaz I didn't go to have a shower after that. Yeah. It served me right. Sesal. Seksa.

Even I had a fever but I still go to school the next day. Hmm. I dont think its a good deed. Futhermore I didn't take any medicine before going to school. Consequently Im shivering cold. I felt very cold. I can imagine Im surrounded by snow. I cant focus whatever cikgu teach. So I decided to go to clinic. To ma horror, ma body temperature is 37.6 degrees Celsius. I hate the scene in clinic. There are too many people. Entah how many hours Ive sat in the clinic. Choisss!

This patch is very very helpful. credit to google images.

What I wanna convey is, be careful with the rain becaz it can cause chu a fever. Trust me. I dont lie. Besides, drink plenty of plain water. minerals and stuff. Look after your personal health care. If you dont, so who? Try to think of. Okay. Well, I just remind you instead myself.

''I always like walking in the rain, so no one can see me crying.''
Please dont do that. Its harmful to health. You'll get a fever. Seriously. Please dont.