Surat Kecil Untuk Tuhan

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Salam and Hi all!

I thought that you would be the hero come in save the day, but you're the villain.

I just watched this movie Surat Kecil Untuk Tuhan.
I dont know about you but I cried like crazyyyyyyyyyyyyy! (Anyways I memang cepat koyak kind of person)

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This movie is about Angel and his brother Anton, their parents are dead so they stay at their aunt's. One day, they run from their aunt's maybe sebab tak tahan kena pukul and so on. So bermula lah perjalanan dua beradik ni. They have no where to go till they meet this one uncle named Rudy, at first his brother Anton refused to follow Uncle Rudy but then because he feels sorry for his sister, Angel, she is hungry and cold so they follow Uncle Rudy. They thought Uncle Rudy will help them to get a better life but they actually they are stucked into a syndicate. Okay I should stop here and you need to go watch this movie. 

Justtttt be prepared for so many sad scenes. I started to cry at the minute 20. 
Its so sad to think that some children dont have chance to enjoy their childhood. Terpaksa bekerja, minta sedekah etc. They are still kids tho. 

Have you ever been in a situation whenever you see kids ask for sedekah but you dont know either you want to give them money or not. We are so in dilemma, if we give them  money - it will be given to the person who runs the syndicate. But if we dont, what will happen to them if they dont bring back enough money. I dont know mannnn, but I think the best way is we give them food instead of money. So that the scumbag who runs the syndicate will be noted that running this business not bring them any profits anymore. Maybe they will stop. Perhaps? But still its scary, in this movie, it shows that these kids will end up died, and their organs will be sold. 

If the same thing is happening here in Malaysia. Please government! Do something to help them. Maybe they want to ask for helps but dont know how to.

This movie also made me realize that someone who loves us, will not leave us. Once there, forever they will be there.

Sorry Im a bit emotional. Its justtttt so sad TT__TT

I would give 8 out of 10 for this movie.

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12 love letter(s)

  1. gosh i just cant watch this kind of movie :') nanti dah habis tgk confirm asyik rewind scene sedih2 tu kat kepala hahaha but still nak tgk lah jugak nanti,kena sedia tissue byk2 ni heee

    & btw welcome back ee!

  2. I don't usually watch this kinda genre but seems like I have to give it a try heheh.
    Nice review!!! :D

  3. sedihnyaa...mcm xsanggup tengok je..:/

  4. best cerita ni! fiqa pun baru je tengok haritu. menangis mcm kena pukul XDD

  5. Adoi, akak nangis teruk tengok cerita ni!
    Done follow blog Ee :)

  6. Kadang2 terfikir kita sedap2 duduk dekat rumah bawah air cond tapi macam mana lah nasib orang lain. Kadang2 jelah, selalunya leka juga aduh

  7. Hi JJ from kbba just me sis juju hahaha...nice story

  8. Nice movie ! I baru habis baca The Silent Killer & main character Hani, dia bagi budak-budak sindiket tu makanan dan air, bukan duit. Sebab dia rasa budak-budak tu lebih memerlukan makanan dan minuman.

  9. alamak nmpk nyer sy x leh tgk laa cite ni bkn koyak je nnt habis rabak rapuh...

  10. Wow.. I don't know either I should watch or not. I don't wanna cry.

  11. I feel so sad just by reading your review.. huhu

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