After awhile.

By Eeiou _ - 2:30 AM

Salam and Hi!

This is my first post after a very longggggggg time.
I was busy with my studies, not that busy but you know I don't have much time to blog and I was so lazy to post anything yknowwww what I mean.
The thing that I still got comments on this blog is insane. Like every time I logged into this blog and see some people leave comments, I just want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH!

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I miss my first year as a blogger, it was dope! I was so addicted in blogging, I was crazy doing blogwalking. The feelings is like you want to post everyday, blog everything. I loved the whole blogging thing, I loved the community we had.

When I first started blogging, I did not think likeeee anybody would be interested in my posting, leave some comments and follow this blog. I did not expect that. I was so happy and grateful when I reached my first thousand followers. Y'all are amazing.

I still love and always wanted to blog even I chose to be on hiatus for a long time, I still have passion in blogging.

Now I want to make everything back on track, I want to post things here - rant, random thoughts, life things and whatnot. I really really want to run this blog again. So excited, I really am.

Lets do it!

P.s. If you have any question. You can just drop your comment down below or drop a message on Sarahah

Till then.

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10 love letter(s)

  1. yes please keep blogging dear

  2. Welcome back, sis.. patutlah lama awak menghilang, akak ingat dah lost contact dah.. hihihi anyway, akak doakan agar awak terus sukses dalam kehidupan awak.. Fighting..fighting..

  3. Welcome back.
    Blog is kind of diary too

  4. welcome back ..hope lepas nie banyak entry dari you ,

  5. lama jugak tak singgah sini hehe

  6. macam mana nak buang rasa malas update yee huhu

  7. selamat kembali menulis blog sis


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