Thursday, August 17

Was on semi hiatus.

Salam and Hi everyone!

Maybe most of you probably never noticed I was inactive. I hope everyone was doing fine.

Yes I was going on hiatus and it is over. I really really want to post inspirational things but I don't know something took away my joy of blogging. So that is the main and first thing why I chose to take a semi break from blogging.

I don't really know why I felt that way. Just haven't had really much motivation to blog. Basically I wasn't in the mood to blog for a while - so I had to take a little break. To step back for a bit plus motivation was not there.

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But from now on, I will try to be more active, try to update this blog consistently. I love being back again and I hope it is going great.

Good news: I finally cleared my skin from acne. I had a really bad breakout for your info. Alhamdulillah, after few months. Now its getting better, its cleared. I just have scars here and there, and still in the process to fade them away.

In advance, thank you for still sticking with me. Thank you for reading and following. All your support and feedback means a lot to me.

Stay awesome people!


Farhana Zukri said...

you don't need to feel pressured by updating your blog. just update it when you feel like it :)


can you share with us the skincare routine in order to clear the acne ?

mamapp said...

Semoga mood blogging kembali dik

Ainniah Zulkefli said...

welcome back to blogging world. :)

Meutia said...

Hope you find your motivation asap! :)

Farihah Shuhaimi said...

Stay awesome to you too! Don't feel pressured to update, just write whenever your heart and fingers agree on the same page. By the way, it would be great if you share the skincare routine hehe.

Radhia Razali said...

Semoga kembali aktif ber blogging