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Salam all and Hi.

It is sem break and I usually stay at home but this time I want to try something new so I have been working as a tutor for math and additional math.
Personally, I am not a professional tutor but I used to tutor a lot in high school back then.

Shout out to my add-math teacher (when I was in secondary school back then) for giving me this opportunity and trust me to become a tutor for his students.

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I had few sessions with them.
I have four students, an Indian girl and three boys. They are okay, friendly and I like them because they are so hardworking. That's enough, I couldn't ask for more than that.

They are terrible at math. I have to admit that, but that's okay to me. I will help them as much as I can. - I also help them with their homework. Peace.

Our first session went well.
They came over to my house and the tutoring session was starting at 8 in the morning. (Yes I need to wake up earlier than normal).
I sat down at the table with them and tutoring them. For three hours!
I don't know how much they've learned at school so far. but they ware like

"Please guide us from the very beginning because we are lost. We failed in this subject"
"We just got like 4/100 on test"

I told them that it will all be alright. Inshallah.
I genuinely want them to feel positive. I want to make them feel awesome when they getting stuff done. I want to help them turn that failing grade into a passing grade.

I told them that math fades if they don't practice it.

For the fee, RM20 per month (4-5 classes).
At first my mom was like "That's insane, no one would ask for just RM20 for addmath tuition" which means my mom asked me to ask for more than RM20, at least RM30, she said that its hard to teach math, especially to someone who terrible at it.
My answer is still no, I will stick with RM20. I don't really know how to ask for money tbh.
And it has been a month, none of them pay me yet lol. But its legit okay to me.
I don't really do this because of money, yeah I am bored. So why not?

Wish me all the best btw.

Till then, keep well.

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19 love letter(s)

  1. such a kind lady you are <3

  2. all the best! insya-Allah urusan you and them dipermudahkan :)

  3. just a word for you-->good luck!!(^^,)
    *b4 this I want to be tutor too, but seriuosly I can't stand with teaching people bcoz sometimes my ownself can't understand what I'm trying to say.. haha... so, I just forget that dream, as I afraid people will 'suffer' from my explanation....Oh!Am I using the right word??? (--',)

  4. gile ar terbaik Ee... anyway.. goodluck!!!

    mmg susah ajar math.. especiallyadd math.. ermmm I am the same dapat markah macam dorang jgak.. ahahahahhahahaa... sampai sekrang tak faham =_=

    well at least bosan dapat jgak duit dkt rumah :) alhamdulillah.. takpe.. ajar tu penting ^^ sharing ilmu dapat pahala :)

    p/s: apa function addmath sebenarnya? O.O

  5. I was terrible at add math (failed few times lol) too, at first --' somehow I managed to increase my marks after tremendous exercise and practice ;-; and tuition too.

    You will be great, fighting!

  6. Good luck for your students. They will make it becoz they have the spirit. But provided they pay the fee la haha

  7. Gosh good luck girl !

    I pernah ajar math and calculus. Seriously penat lagi lagi yg mmg susah nak faham, so kita yg kena struggle ajar sampai dorang faham.

  8. all the best tutor!

    haha saya paling lambat subject math n memang sangat benci gila subject ni dulu xD

  9. Alahai bertuahnya muda2 dah jadi tutor, even time cuti sem je kan . pengalaman yg sangat berguna tu awak :) bagus cekgu awak bagi kepercayaan. ;) susah gila tu math n add math. btw keep it up! :)

  10. Wow! For me, math so scary! Anyways, goodluck kak!

  11. murah tu tusyen math RM20 je. takpe, niat sedekah je. :)

  12. wao bagusnya ,,dah la subjek core,kita sendiri tak ingat dah addmath form 5 ni

  13. Akak doakan agar awak dimurahkan rezeki, kekalkan niat untuk berbuat baik tue, Insha Allah sumanya akan dipermudahkan..

  14. wow.. tutor for add math.. terror laa dik!

  15. wah add math tu time sekolah score paling hebat pun 50marks tu pn sekali ja haha..bgs nya muda lg dh jd tutor..murah lak cas..bagus sgt👍🏻

  16. boleh mengajar add math tue..hebat..

  17. Hilangkan boring, wowww..hebat ! ahhaa~
    Ikhlas kan? xpe, ni starting........

    well, rezeki perlu jugak dicari ye dear, ehehe~

    All the best !


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