Exam Anxiety?!

By Unknown - 12:30 PM

Salam all, hi!

I hope you are doing well.

And yes, it is exam season. To anyone who has to do exam right now, I wish you all the best.

I don’t know about you all, but maybe you can’t help but feel some anxiety, you would stress so much. You didn’t sleep, you stayed up all night and go to your exams looking like death. You didn’t eat properly. Basically, you are stressed and anxious.

I am not that kind of person, I am not a night owl. I sleep early, wake up early in the morning. But just a little bit nervous, like butterflies in my stomach. Basically I deal well with exams, but still I hate exams and I don’t know why. Even I passed with flying colours but just I hate it.

What I always did whenever I feel anxiety, nervous etc.
  •           I listen to music.
  •          Getting to bed.
  •          Drink lots of water.

I heard that chewing gum, it would help you to increase your focus and concentrations and apparently it is a better study aid than coffee.

Well, I don’t feel that exams really show our intelligence. It is actually just make some people so anxious. But we still need to do the best, I don’t know why, but we have to.

What I hate the most is whenever I forgot something, I knew it but I just forgot then my mind goes blank and I will keep trying to remember it, but just I forgot it – and as soon as I leave the exam hall, nahhhh I remember it.

And the coursework, it’s like 60-70 % of the grade. And I usually don’t check my coursework marks before the finals. Either I did well or not, but just I don’t want anything to bring me down before I go for exams.

I would not recommend it. Because yes, it is not the best way to go about it. And for some people, by checking the coursework would bring them some confidence and spirit.

Some people say, all exams do is test our memory not our knowledge. But yah, feels free to disagree.

That’s basically my thoughts on examinations. And it all worked out great, literally nothing bad happened. I managed to be in the first class, so far. I’m in a second year and I have another 2 years to get a degree.

Wish me luck.

And to anyone who currently goes through exams, please don’t stress! It’s okay, you will find your path.

Why not leave a comment and tell me what you usually do to beat the exam anxiety, to handle the stress and nervousness. It might help others.

Till then, keep well!


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17 love letter(s)

  1. All the best in exam.. I still have 3 papers to go..
    Biasanya sy akan layan anime for 2 episode sebelum study.. maybe it's not a good idea but it's help me on concentrate after that hehe. Sy juga lebih prefer tgok markah midterm/coursework supaya ada target utk capai.. Itu cara sy lahr hehe :)

  2. Hola babe.. reading this entry make me extremely missed my studies..to being a degree holder.. yes we need to faced with our exams..no refutation haha..
    It’s okay to feel anxious.

    The key:dealing with your exam anxiety is ultimately to work through it in relax mood.. Be positive and break free from any distractions..just keep focus and remember why are u there? remember ur parents as ur motivation.

    to remember my keywords,i usually read my notes with melody that i liked. and it's work!

    btw all the best for ur exam.. keep fighting.

  3. Hahaha. Teringat pula zaman lalu. Biasanya kalau feeling macamni datang. Sanggup call mak. Biarlah pagi buta pun. 😅
    Penawar hati tu.

  4. all the best Ee!

    tau takpa, time exam punyalah kritikal nk tak ingat apa yg kita baca. dh keluar dewan baru nk ingat balik

  5. Teringat mama zaman berbelang tahun dulu haha.. exam anxiety Tu Akan hilang bila kita well prepared hihi

  6. iols selalu last paper tak boleh tidur malam, end up masuk dewan mcm zombie dan tak tahu merapu apa. Alhamdulillah still perform heheh all the best geng!

  7. Good luck!

    As for me, I'm the type who usually prepare months before exam lol so I won't stress much before the day of the exam. I think you have done your best, so just enter the exam hall with confidence.

  8. btw, dulu kalau time study memang bukak lagu la.. especially lagu cliche & party gittuw.. semangat study sampai.. sebrabut sikit lagu nasyid... HAHAHAA!

  9. one more paper to go! Adess memang rasa segala jenis anxiety ni awak ;(

  10. All the best in your exam!

    Fatina Mudz | www.theinfinitywords.blogspot.com

  11. hi dik! long long looooooooooong time tak jumpe u.. all the best & good luck!

  12. What I always do whenever I feel anxiety.

    No crying

  13. Gudluck awk,
    sebenarnya apa yang buat most of us makin stress especially during exam tu adalah sebab kita terlalu memikirkan tentang exam tu sendiri...like "Macam mana if aku tak boleh jawab..."

    Belum masuk exam lagi, dah fikir tak boleh... itu yang buat stress makin bertambah.

    Hati2 dgn stress, stress ni klu tak segera di atasi sebab boleh memudaratkan diri klu dibiarkan. Boleh sakit dalaman.

    Everyone have their own manner how to handle stress.. klu sy, sy lbh suka dgr audio motivasi untk up balik semangat yang tiba-tiba down.. dan share pd rakan terdekat ttg kebimbangan sy.


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