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So today's post I wanna do a review of Gantung by Nadia Khan.

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This novel is published in December 2013 and this is my second time reading it. Yes, I can re-read this book even 10 times. lol.

I feel like reading the past and present at the same time, it was a lil bit confusing at first - so when you read this book you really need to catch the whole thing from the first or you will re-read it again to capture the whole thing when you just know what is actually happened.

The superb plot twists are so mind blowing! I don't know but I just like it.

Basically the story is about friendship and this is not a love story. They are four of them, Gibbs, Ray, Kj and Troll who are best friends. They have a promise/code: no one for all, just all for one. and yes they treat girls like object. They can't have an exclusive relationship with a girl, they must share the girl till one of them breaks the code then strange things start to take place.

This book is for matured audience I guess because it is a lil bit adult-y, I'm not saying your brain will turns to blue or green or any colours - it is not that extreme tho, but just parents, be careful on what your kids should read.

It is absolutely satisfying but you know I'm kinda frustrated by the ending, because of this one character - it almost made me cry cause I like Gibbs to be real somehow, and Kj, he is a cool guy. So I would like to give 4.5 out of 5.

I really really like this book a lot, and it is one of my favourite malay books - I just read fixi books. hehe.

Well I don't want to spoil but just trust me it is a worth reading if you're looking for something different.

Leave me a comment what do you think about this book if you have read and maybe some suggestions of fixi books?

Till then, keep well.
Read the first two chapters: HERE

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14 love letter(s)

  1. Eh samala kita! Saya pun suka baca Gantung ni and character yg meninggalkan kesan kepada saya adalah Ray sebab dia mcm misteri hahaha. Gantung akan keluar novel yang second Gantung 2. But I'm not sure bila keluar. Another fixi book yg saya rasa best Gelap by Ariff Adly. Serious best! Selamat membaca.

  2. wow..nice book,will try to read it someday!=)

  3. tak pernah baca lagi buku ni :)

  4. sejak dah ade anak nie, tak berpeluang langsung nak bace ape-ape buku.. huhu

  5. Sure best Sgt kalau dh baca sampai 2 x. Mama baca 2 kali novel Jude deveraux, dgn citer sunan je

  6. Ops Ada juga Yang ain. Ingatan baru kembali hihi

  7. one of my fav book by fixi! worth reading :D

  8. gantung ni ialah first buku fixi yg saya baca and i love it! mula2 tu tak dapat terima gak scene yg 19+ tu hahaha sebab baru baca buku fixi so tak tau pun but the plot twist omg mmg best giler. lepas dah baca habis sy paksa kawan2 sy baca pulak hahaha

    buku fixi trio & kampung pun best gak XD

  9. Nak sangat baca novel ni... tapi tak beli beli lagi haha

  10. i try to get this book.
    selamat hari raya.

  11. I'll get that book.
    Selamat hari raya

  12. best sgt kee :o tak pernah baca buku fixi. maybe boleh cuba nanti kot hehe

  13. macam menarik je ceritanya. bolehlah try baca nanti

  14. ehmmm...
    think this book only can be read by adult only..
    21 years above..hehe..buku malay ke..
    tp nama dorang not sound malay pon..huhu


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