Tuesday, October 25


Salam and Hi all.


Sometimes, we just feel like we want to disappear.
Even when we don't know why, there's no reason - just a feel to disappear. 
We want to find a place where no one can find us. Far away. Far away from people who know us.
We want to take a breath. A deep breath.

What's the place? We don't know. All we know is we want to escape.


Put on headphone and turn up the volume.
Then you can go anywhere.
You're still living in the same life.
Just escape for a while.

Look at me, I was being so happy with my friend.
but a friend can't help me to escape.
Trust me.
Your friend, couldn't help you. to. e-s-c-a-p-e

Just grab your headphone and escape.

Here's some of the songs I would play and help me to escape:
(1) Titanium - Sia
(2) Stressed Out - Twenty One Pilots
(3) Memories - Shawn Mendes
(4) Million Years Ago - Adele

I don't want to list all of them.

How about your escape song? Feels free to share with me on the comment section below.

Thank you for reading.

Don't forget to grab your headphone.

Till then.


Noor Maizan said...

Amy winehouse and Lana del ray songs, perfect escapism for me.

Anonymous said...

imagination - shawn mendes bring me to another world

tashira z said...

setuju! haha guna je headphone & turn up the volume pastu hah "berlayar" lah kat dunia lain hahaha sy selalunya dgr lagu2 korea je -.-

Mazni Munawar said...

saya pun kalau nk relax selalu dengar lagu xD
semestinya lagu2 shawn mendes jadi pilihan cuz he's my bae, HAHA

E'in said...

titanium - sia :)

ayunie ramli said...

Smile - avril lagvine :)
Fireworks - katty perry
Teenage dreams - katty perry

MisDiarios said...

emmmm hymn for the weekend-beyonce + coldplay

Amira said...

imagination - shawn mendes
love me like you do - ellie golding

and most of them were Kpop songs though =)

Nadhir Nadzlee said...

Titanium - Sia
Maps - Maroon 5
Mirrors - JT
I Knew You Were Trouble - Madilyn Bailey's cover

Eeca Shyaa said...

my escape songs are always few from avenged sevenfold. layan beb xD

LZ - The Blog Owner said...

I prefer Linkin Park songs..
I can scream and singing.. ;-)

Proudmom said...

same here! 21 pilot yeayy~and..SIA

BudakVanilla said...

BV selalunya kalau rasa nak escape from reality for awhile, mesti akan tengok movies/anime dahtu pasang earphone :D

Husna Rahman said...

nk escape I prefer movie.. like masuk dunia laen xhengat sekeliling bila mata dpn lappy.. gelak2 then nangis then scary.. into my world sungguh ler

Busyra Bt Takiyudin said...

singgah sini dan salam kenal :)

Zasillah Ariffin said...

cantik sangat :)

Cik Yaya said...

Titanium..... =)

Fatin said...

I escape the world when I'm swimming. So refreshing after my swimming

Ayuni Sara said...

semua best2...:)