Birthday Gift

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and Hi all.

I really really hope you are doing very well.

It has been awhile since my last update, I'm dead missing to talk to you.
I'm seriously a bit busy now, I've tons of things to do - but it's okay to me, because I know this is the time to work a little harder.

You don't have any ideas about what I'm doing now, what makes me being a busier person. I won't tell you guys since I'm still under training, but trust me - once I got it, I'll tell you what it is about, and your mind will be blown.
Just pray for me and keep wishing me the best.

Break a leg! - I'm saying to myself.

I've got lots of stories to share, to tell, to blog about. but just - I don't have much time for this.

and what happened to me yesterday?
I got a call from a friend, it has been a long time since our last meeting.
She asked me. "What day is today?"
And I directly said "Happy Birthday".
It's not about I care less about her - I don't forget but I just not sure.

I feel awful.

Thanks Allah, I'm right - the day is her birthday.
I was afraid if I'm wrong, but I saved my life. Hahaha.

I told her "I remember your birthday, but I'm a bit busy today. Actually I want to call you this night."

I gave this to my housemate on his birthday last month.
It's very simple but I hope it's meaningful to her.

I've always gave people I know a present on their birthday - and it always be a bar of chocolate with a sweet note.

but still, there are few important date that I have forgotten.

I should set up a few reminders. Should I?
or keep giving them a white lie whenever I forgot?

Till then.

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14 love letter(s)

  1. Siqah set birthday reminder for family and friends =) Kadang2 hidup sibuk dan boleh terlupa birthday seseorang. Dan reminder sangat membantu =) FB reminder pun membantu jugak nanye. Hihi. And glad you're right about your friend's birthday ๐Ÿ˜

  2. wish you the best.
    betul selalu jugak cmni lupa birthday kawan. tp klu family mmg tak lupa VIP in my heart. ๐Ÿ˜Š

  3. Seb baek btol dik :) pasal hadiah tu, yg penting kita ingt kat kawan. Doakan dia. Itu lbh brmkna :)

  4. Handletters la paling sweet. You can read it all over again

  5. Of course, you should set up few reminders on some important date because a white lie is not gonna save you forever, hahaha.

  6. yeah me too..we never forget each other but sometime life get busier..hehe alasan betul!!

  7. birthday adik sendiri pun kadang2 sy boleh terlupa hahahaha teruk dah ni T_T nasib baik ee teka betul hahaha

  8. tak bermakna busy tpi lupa kan, hehe

  9. Hahaha.. comel la dear. nasib baik betul! =)

  10. patutla lama x nampak. pepun sis ucapkan good luck and all da best! :)

  11. I suck at remembering dates. at least you remember some of them.

  12. kalau bf bg ,even simple tetap meaningful.. ^_^

  13. Fb always notify our friend list's birthday. Use fb notification then :)


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