Monday, September 19

Going thru Perak - Part 1

Salam and Hi all.

Homigod, I miss all my dolls and readers so much.
I'm so sorry for not updating my blog regularly.

I'm so chipsmore, isn't it?

Recently my friends/housemates went to Ipoh-Lumut where is located somewhere in Perak.
Since we are studying at UPSI, so here we go!

Actually it took us long time to make this decision to cross Perak. We wanted to go to Fraser's Hill at first, but we couldn't. We had our own reasons btw.

So this is the first place we went to, Gunung Lang.

So beautiful it is! You should go and look by yourself.
If you want to go the island, it's not an island btw yet I dunno what to call it. Hahaha. But yah, somewhere that you need to take a boat.
It's only RM 3. You should go there! Please I'm begging.
But if you don't want, it's okay then.

Nevermind, here is how the "island" looks like:

One of my favourite places there. It looks like in a fairy tales thingy. I literally like it.

I swear I love love love the view.
Anyway, I'm so sorry if I look messy in the photo above. Hahaha.

It looks so classic - like you and me. LOL.

my friends and I, they are so adorable 

for those who loves to take pictures kind of thing - this is the place you should go because there are lots of places at the "island" that you can take pictures and I think you are going to love it.

There is like a mini zoo, I also don't even know what to call it. Hahaha.
But there are ostrich and deer - but you are not allowed to give any foods to them.
But you can take pictures.

roses are red, violets are blue, my eye-bags look so bad.

My tired faceeeeeee - the "island" is quite big to walk thru. so yahhhh I was so knackered.
Forgive me for all the flaws on my face btw. TT__TT
In the range 1 to 10. I would give 7/10.
I love the view and all the facilities like surau, toilet and stuff is in a good condition.
The place is also suitable for all kids, young adults and adults.

p.s: this is the part 1 of the stories. I will update more later. Thanks y'all for reading this - and don't forget to hit a comment down below. Peace.

oh ya, Apologize if you are bored with the photos. Hehe.

Bye peeps!


MisDiarios said...

next time nak ikut hang out plissss =')

Ahmad Hasif said...

waaa.. cantik betul pemandangan disana tu....

Kin Naz said...

Banyak lagi tempat yg menarik. Cuba search tasik cermin kt perak.

ayunie ramli said...

sonok kan. mek pernah pegi tambun je --'

Zasillah Ariffin said...

soooo pretty dear :)

Fhatin Amelia said...

Wah syiokk nya hee

Fatin Nabila Zainal said...

Cantiknya awak ni

Mas said...

x pernh pegi.sodih~

tashira z said...

wiwit cantiknya ee >.< next post pls hehe :)

Eyqa Zq said...

Best giler jenjalan. Haha. I'll call it amusing park instead? or recreation? Hmm. terjangkit tak tahu nak panggil apa. Haha.

Fieona FieRidz said...

oke, sis ni lahir kat perak, keturunan duduk perak pun tak sampai semua tempat ni. hadehhh, jelly nye >,<

YumeeDream said...

Seronoknyaa hgpa berjalan.. :D

Izzati Haniff said...

Salam, singgah jap, done follow :) Have a nice day...

Lala Rahim said...

you're so cute

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Puan Wawa said...

cantiknya view..

Kakak Tiri Cinderella said...

Bestnya EE ^^