Monday, August 22


Salam and Hi peeps!

It's me Ee. So in this entry I'm going to answer all the questions or numbers y'all have chosen on previous post. You can hit HERE if you are wondering.
Let's go ahead.

1 (asked by Zulhilmi)
Full name:
My full name is Nurul Farozze. If you are wondering how to pronounce it, it is (Fa-ro-zi)
Don't ask me the meaning, because I don't know. and its kinda unique I know. I'm proud of that!
Actually I got the name because I was born at the moment my dad started his business and the product name is Rozze - wangian stuff like that.
It has been 20 years and takda dah pun that thing. Just call me Ee (E-e) anyway.

5 (asked by Scya Lollita, Mazni Munawar, nadhie wueen, Anis Diyana)
No one.

And brother Zulhilmi is so funny. Hahaha. go check his blog - HIT HERE
Anyway, I don't eat tempoyak but I love durian.

6 (asked by Nurul Aini, ayunie ramli)
Ever fell in love:

7 (asked by Vanilla, CP)
Favourite food:
Pizza and Sushi. Udang sambal. Ikan bakar with air asam something (I don't know). Crab.

12 (asked by Iz Rdn, nurul rasya, Mazni Munawar)
What am I addicted to? I think it must be Coffee,
Or sometimes it's Milo or Chocolate. Omg. You say it, dark, milk etc. etc. I love it all.
If you are wondering what thing I can't live without, it's my laptop or my phone and the movie Harry Potter. Hehe.

16 (asked by stnrsyfh Sya, Nurulatika Yunus, Eyja)
One Wish:
I wish I can be like Harry Potter. Because I've always wanted to meet the Voldemort and ask him, where's his nose and what happened to it. etc.

Too many questions about his nose. I can't help.

17 (asked by Syaza Raihanah, Tashira z, Yumee Dream)
Best time in my life:
The bestest time in my life would be, em when I was in Matriculation Program. I have learned tons of things - gained some priceless experiences over the year.

That was my first time ever away from my parents. and I felt a bit free at that moment- that was what I've been looking. Hehe. Tapi I menangis lah the first week tu,
Because yknow my dad is overprotective back then. But that is totally okay. I love the way he raised me up.
Yang paling I suka,
I can eat Maggi or Mee Sedaap Goreng whenever I want and can spend money on anything I want.
And actually at 18-19 year old, I belajar kenal diri sendiri. It is a huge chapter in my life. Literally.

19 (asked by nadiah izzaty)
Plan on getting married:

20 (asked by nurul rasya)
Favourite Subject:
Physics, Math and Add-Math. Chemistry (few Chapters)
Add-Math is the subject that I love the most.

21 (asked by Sheeka Azli, Nuraini Munira J, Haslinda Ganing, Mazni Munawar, nadhie wueen)
First, thank you Sheeka my friend hehe. We can have chit chat sometimes. kan? =D
What makes me feel insecure is someone who is very very brilliant, intelligent etc.
I always want to be more excellent lah macamtu, I take it as a challenge lah then. Like "if they can, why not me?"
Yes healthy way!

I suka study tapi I tak suka pergi class.

23 (asked by Hami Asraff)
Miss anyone:
I miss my late brother. It's been about 8 or 9 years he passed away.

24 (asked by Belahan Jiwa)
Worst habbit:
I makan tak pernah habis. I memang and mesti tinggalkan few sisa thingy on my plate. I don't know how to licinkan pinggan. I seriously am.

26 (asked by Iqwa-niera, nadiah izzaty, nadhie wueen)
Biggest fear:
Lizard. Yes Cicak. I can't I swear.
You can ask my roommate, I memang menjerit, lompat and whatnot.
Kat rumah I jarang sangat ada, tapi kalau dekat hostel. Yes!
Kalau ada cicak dalam toilet memang I takkan masuk! or dalam bilik I dekat hostel - kalau ada, I literally can't sleep!
Omg it looks like a baby crocodile. Memang scary gila.

28 (asked by nurul rasya)
Something I hate:
I hate lizard, crocodile, snake, all reptiles. Durian crepe. I love love durian but not the crepe one!
I don't do hate people. I just hate taking care on someone's shit.

29 (asked by Mas)
Favourite Movie:

Harry Potter series of course. (well I'm a Potterhead)
Besides - Colonia, Bridge to Terabithia, Maleficent. All are highly recommended!
Banyak lah, I love fantasy, fairy tales - that kind of movie! Suggest me any movies?
Anyway, I usually watching online HERE! check it out.

30 (asked by Ahmad Hasif, Eyqa Zq, Tashira z, Rara Zack)
Jealous of:
To be honest I'm not jealous of anything or anyone at this time.
I literally don't do jealous. I really am.
But people if you are a jealousy person, that's natural. The jealousy is healthy what! but too much is not good. Understand?

Oh ya I got one thing! Homigod. I really really jealous of people who can eat a lot, macam perut diorang banyak gila kosong. Because I makan sikit pun dah kenyang.
I dunno. I want to eat a lot. LOTSSSS! But I just can't. TT__TT

That's all.
I would like to thank y'all for the comments.
I LOVE YOU ALL. That kind of entry is so fun lah in my opinion.
Thank you so much. 


Ahmad Hasif said...

akhirnya terjawab dah soalaan2 tu.. oo xde jelez eh.. bagus2

ayunie ramli said...

budak bijak niii :) hai ee ! baru tahu nk panggil ape. :)

Ahmad Zaki said...

Banyak betul soalan yang dijawab. Terbaik...

ZH Blogger

Nur Najihah said...

sama la..suka durian tp x leh telan tempoyak

Faizah Syakira said...

haha akak pun klu boleh nak jadi harry potter. tapi itu semua ilusi. -.-'

Ayuni Sara said...

woww...nak kawen before 25 ye...oke smoga dpermudahkan ye ^_^

BLOG EYJA said...

I asked for one wish dan dia nak jadi harry potter! haiya! hahaha <3 <3 Salam Takziah for your late brother. Xoxo,

Mr. Saboler said...

Wowww.. same la kite.. minat cite harry potter's.. hahaha

Eyqa Zq said...

I'm jelly kalau org mkn banyak tapi tak gemok2. hehe okay gurau. Haha.

Hi-five for potterhead!

Hafiza AizZawa said...

cicak dan lipas.. mmg paling takut dan benci..

Yatie Owner said...

ok. PG baru baca half of this....and ya. salam perkenalan ;)��❤️

tashira z said...

wiwit haha tak lama lagi tu sekarang dah 20 tahun . few years lagi hahaha
ingatkan nama full Nurulee,sekarang baru tau hehe

Maman Reen said...

Bila baca post ni.. Dapat kenal sedikit sebanyak ttg Ee 😉

mira said...

❤ if its not too 27? :D

YumeeDream said...

lengkap perfect aih jawapan Ee hihih terbaikk =)

Nurul Syahada said...

ee dan harry potter mmg tak boleh berpisah. potterhead! 😂

nadhie wueen said...

Wow..nice one! yup take dat 'insecure things in healthy way kan? ;)

Anis Diyana said...

ok terjawab sudah segala persoalan bhaha.Kat matrik best boleh makan maggi xD cepat cepatla kahwin nanti ajak anis jugak eh?hihi

Irda Garmin said...

nice answer...hope semoga happy selalu..bahagia selalu ...disamping keluarga tersyaang ya...aminn

Mas said...

nice !

Nadhir Nadzlee said...

Oh, I read this alright