Notebook Giveaway by Eeca Shyaa

By Unknown - 4:00 PM

Salam All and Hi.

I memang jarang join any giveaway but
I just found an interesting giveaway. I was very excited when I saw it.

So today...
I want to join this giveaway because I really really love notebook.
Especially one with adorable design etc. FYI I have a random collection of notebooks. yay!

Click the banner above if you are interested to join the Giveaway. or click the link down below

There are few steps to enter the giveaway:

1. Be the follower of the blog. DONE
I'm one of your darlings now. ahaks!

2. Add her on Facebook. DONE

3. Create an entry. DONE
4. Tag 3 people to join. DONE

5. Leave my entry link in the comment box. DONE

Hopefully I can be one of the winners and get the notebook.
Wish me luck!

Bye guys.

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25 love letter(s)

  1. Good luck awak 😊💐

  2. OMG! eee Snapeee XD he looks cute and Dumbledore is partying all out <3 good luck Ee ❤

  3. Good luck nurul. hehe.

  4. Goodluck sayang :p biu biu biu

  5. Uwaaaaaaaaa.... TT^TT Profesor Snape.. miss him :'(

    Good luck :D

    terbaikkk XDD kalau dapat alhamdulillah :)

  6. Semoga berjaya jadi pemenang :D

  7. join jugak...

  8. gud luck...

    jemput join ga minyak wangi di sini

  9. singgah dari segmen yang sama :)

  10. Semoga berjaya.. terkejut jap ingat notebook laptop.. hahaha..

  11. goodluck awak. (āļ‡'̀-'́)āļ‡

  12. Cikla singgah dr segmen sama. All the best...

  13. Hi ... Singgah dari segmen yang sama ... Jangan lupa join contest kat Jom Bercontest dan singgah jenjalan kat Kisah Hidup Ku ... Semoga sentiasa sihat dan dimurahkan rezeki ... Maaf lambat blog walking ...

  14. Dah tau ke siapa yang menang??
    Follow sini..


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