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Salam all. and Hi.

Praise be to Allah.
I hope you are doing well.

Since we are still in Shawwal so a very happy Eid ul Fitr to you and thank you for reading this blog.
We meet many people during Shawwal and families do visit each other, all the handshakes and hugs thing. Kids are running and playing here and there.

Recently, I had a rough experience. I went to my mom's hometown few days back.
Many people came to visit my grandma.

There was a big family came to beraya, tanya khabar and stuff, I don't know who they are. I don't give a crap and just doing my own business.
I was sitting together with my cousins, and all of sudden, a guy (14-15 year old I think) came and he took his hands out to shake which was a little creepy. and I was like "why me?"
It looked very odd and I didn't have time to think.
I made kind of body language, a hand gestures thing to say sorry because I can't make it word correctly.

But he still want to shake.
and I feel too embarrassed and didn't know how to refuse to shake his hand. (unacceptable excuse I knew)
I'm going to be honest here. I shook hands with him, just at part of my fingers yet that was awkward.
Then I sat in my room with a little bit shocked. I feel super duper awful. Like literally. and I feel guilty about it.
I didn't know how to handle the situation.
Till his mom told us (cousins and me) that he has a little bit Down syndrome. What?!
I literally don't know because he doesn't look like he has it. Not even a bit. Idk.

It feels really weird coz yaa I don't do any physical contact with guys (who are not related) all my life.
I just want to save my hands to my future husband. Hahaha.

Well, we all make mistakes and I still strive to be better and the best.
I should be more careful after this.

yes I will.

Here is a suggestion I want to share if you are in this situation in the future when a man want to shake to greet you, we never know, it might happen in a corporate environment. kan? then you are too difficult to say sorry or don't want to hurt any person's feelings etc.
You can take out a pen and shake hands holding each side of the pen, pencil and whatnot.
Just don't be harsh.
You can try that. I forgot where I read this suggestion few years ago.

Another suggestion is you can simply placing your hands on your chest and smile.

And if you have any tips on how to handle this kind of situation, feel free to comment below or email me, don't be shy. I can blog and share it with all Muslims girls.

Till then,
bye peeps!

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  1. Oo.. Ada lg satu cara.. Letak tgn d belakang mcm dlm kawad tu masa senang diri tu.. Itu pun salah satu kalau tak silap etika untuk tidak mahu bersalam.. Ia kira mcm body language la.. So kalau g mana2 event kalau org nak salam, tgn letak d belakang n senyum biasa nya org faham dah..

    Siapa la future husband dia tu ye.. Hehe..
    Jejalan raya sini..

  2. dulu ada sepupu macam tu jugak, asal jumpa je suruh kita salam dgn dia
    last2 ai lari HAHAHA
    jadi jugak la sebab sekarang dia dah tak suruh salam dgn dia dah

  3. my situation terbalik sikit,saya hulur tangan nak salam orang tu tapi dia tak nak salam balik pun dgn kita.sakitnya tuh disini T_T

  4. Senyum dan tunduk sedikit sambil cakaplah sesuatu contoh maaf ya terima kasih...
    Normal muslim will understand. In Sha Allah.

  5. rarely jadi kat sya but in most cases, sya salam je. bcs awkward kalau reject. plus, memang macam reflex. org hulur kita sambut. ngeee

  6. I kinda have to agree with your posting here. Hihi. But its kinda hard to resist from shaking hands and hug my cousins. Since we only meet few times in a year. Tambah pulak yang jenis salam, terus tarik nak peluk. Haha. I'm kinda used to it sebab dari kecik membesar sama sama. Still, dari segi agama ada la kekangan sikit. Sama sama la kita improve :)

  7. Baru je 2 mggu lebih yang lepas.. Hubby sis kenalkan dengan boss die. That time kami ada jamuan berbuka dan dia chinese..

    Bila dia ulurkan tangan, automatically tangan sis sambut handshake.. Lepas dah handshake, baru terfikir "Kenapa aku sambut handshake?"

    Rasa macam nak tepuk dahi time tu..

  8. masa beraya kat kmpg haritu pun ada sedara sy yg sindrom down dtg..tp prempuan..dia mmg suka bersalam dgn org..smpai dia mcm x nk balik slagi x leh bersalam dgn mak sedara sy(that time mak sdara sy msuk bilik jap)

  9. For me, bgtahu nak jaga wudhuk, many people will faham that and even make them realize a bit that we are not mahram. :D

  10. Kalau siqah, akan guna suggestion yang kedua..cara sopan untuk mengatakan yang kita tak nak handshake :)

    Nice sharing dear 😍

  11. nice sharing dear ... Selalu if a guy nak shake hand dgn nadia , i will politely say sorry And just nod my head and smile . Mostly , they will understand =)


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