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Salam all.

Today's I want to offer, no it's more like give a blog header - to Nina who is one of my blogger friends. Yes it is free.
She was "header cantik" etc. So I was likeeee yah why not I do some charity and give her free thing. And I decided to do a some headers for her blog, let her choose which one is okay to her blog.

Creating headers was tons of fun and I really really love doing this. I hope she enjoy what I've done

I am not consider myself as a creative. You know what I mean? I don't feel I have the right skills. Hahaha. I am seriously not a Photoshop wizard or even an expert designer.
For these headers, I am not covering any topic or theme. I just want it to look simple as she is I think. Well I just want to express her personality. 

I did not make it transparent because her website is fully white as mine, so I think it would look good on a white background.
The idea for these both headers comes from I don't know.

I want to make some headers for my friend, Adda yet I look her blog is sweet enough. So I don't want to spoil it with my dang simple header.

All these headers below are for Adda. I literally want to add some colors to make it suitable for her flowery kind of blog. Here are the different styles of header:

I am so sorry I don't have the skills but I literally love to do things myself.
To Nina and Adda, choose which one is suitable for your blog and let me know.


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12 love letter(s)

  1. Thank you eeiouuu, muah sikit:p
    lawaaaa *lap air mata
    hang macam paham2 je iolls ni pemalas nak edit header bagai haha

  2. I wanttt. feel deeply honored to have header designed by eeiouuuu ahaks :P

  3. Waaa...bestnya ada kawan macam Ee ni

  4. ya Allah sistooo. macehhhh. muahh. sayang banyak2 ❤️

  5. @Nurul Syahada Sayang balik kat sisturrrrr ❤

  6. gyaaa soo prettayh! aku punya potosop dh tak active. nak cari pirate punya dah tak jumpa. haha. So redho jelah tak main potosop dah.

  7. cantik nyaaaa semuaaa *jaw drop

  8. Pandainya Ee buat header..

  9. cantik semuanya...terer design !

  10. whoaaa... ee, u might want to consider this as service berbayar in future. i might be one of ur clients too. but bagi harga promo plsss... hiks

  11. those are nice header ! ❤❤❤


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