Sunday, June 26

Yintewnet dependent.

Salam all.

This is my third post in 2016. tadaaaa.

Few days ago, Wi-Fi in my college was not working. it was so boring. i swear. i have lot of things to do but i feel like i have nothing to do tho.

i want to check my email yet i can't. dunno but i think email is much importance to me. seriously. i checked email every single day even there is nothing and maybe lot of students not doing this but please do this once a week. at least.

no. i did not check email for every hour. are you crazy???

since housemates and i had nothing to do. so we did not do anything on that day. i took some time to sit and think how i am too dependent on the internet. i now spend an average of 8-10 hours online. That is more time than i spend sleeping.

Yes yes i online and use social media or watching online videos etc while doing my homework, study and stuff.
But still listening to music is the activities i enjoy the most and do every day and i do not ranked social media as my favourite activity. no.

Nowadays. the internet is literally inside our pockets (smartphones). Almost everything these days are online. Everything we do involves the internet.
I no longer borrow books from the library since everything is online. well most of people no longer take time to read book for answers. Wow the internet is taking over our lives and we do not seem to notice.

I dunno what to do w/o the internet - see this is bad. like what my roommate told me "Rasa macam duduk dalam gua" hahaha. padahal banyak je benda boleh buat. We just act like our life is over. Internet really really is addictive as a drug.

I just think that if we took more time focusing on the things outside of technology, internet and stuff we would be smarter and more active with our lives and have better health. kan?
But still the internet is not all bad. with blog we can develop our skills in writing and maybe critical thinking. aha. cia cia cia~



Miza Idgihat said...

Hahaha yes. betul la tu. Bila internet tak ada rasa macam tak hidup. lulz. Padahal ada je game etc. Tapi internet juga yang dicari. Paling tak scroll ig, fb. huhuhu

Eyqa Zq said...

I can live without internet. Lols, but as u said, one cannot ignore internet while its connected. :3

guess maybe internet brings the exact things they want on front of them in blink of an eye, that is y people get so addictive.

Mazni Munawar said...

tau takpe. kalau takde internet tu rasa mcm hidup ni tak lengkap, hahaha TAT
rajnnya check email. saya seminggu sekali baru check haha

Fatin Liyana said...

Fatin memang tak senang duduk la ceritanya kalau tak dapat internet. Macam kawan awak cakap, rasa macam duduk dalam gua. Hehehe. Betapa pentingnya internet sekarang ni. Hehehe

athiqi ariff said...

so true .. not only wifi dependent,but smartphone dependent,laptop dependent, etc..think it isnt our fault,but whose to blame? they are part of our lives arent they? happy blogging,keep writing,keep thinking,keep wishes..

Aisyhah Nyais said...

tak boleh hidup takde tenet T_T

atheera dayana said...

'Rasa mcm duduk dlm gua' haha itu phrase biasa ckp mse zaman study bile wifi slow

Nur Haziqah Mohd Rosli said...

Benda yang tak boleh tinggal kalau nak balik kampung, of courselah laptop and internet! sebab nowadays i no longer read printed notes. seua benda tengok je kat laptop and kekadang bila nak baca, baru download. (patutlah makin rabun) huhu


agree!! memang rasa benda yang sama without internet haih ..