Sunday, February 2

Unexpectedly. NTBP

Salam all.

NTBP is Not to be proud.

to be honest. i really dunno how to start writing this.
i didnt expect to get somethg like this. and emmm. i cant say anything other than thank you so much.

sorry. what i mean is....


i dunno what to say to her. i just said thank you etc. you know somethg like that. bcs this is unexpected.
yes i knew that this thg takda lah besar mana or setinggi mana to be proud.
but im not proud or show off to uolls.

im just proud with myself. bcs i never expect ppl to learn and get something from my post. since before i started writing in blog. i mean blogging. i never thought that im good in writing.
till now im still learning how to be good in writing. good in blogging and stuff. yknowww.

and i've learnt. based on what i've told you before. if ada someone that doesnt like you or doesnt like your and stuff. 
just think about ppl who love. when you always think about the negative side. so you wont see apa yang postive.
betul tak?

let say. you always think about orang yang always hentam you. condemn etc. even dia seorang.
you wont nampak orang yang suka. who supports you. yang ramai.
it will make you down. im serious.

yes. it happened to me. quite recently. i mean. before this pun ada. in 2011.2012. i dont remember.
but if kita pandai to face tht problem. so its gonna be okay. nothing will happen. believe me.

and. one more thg. thank you so much to blogger Miza akak cik Chokie. bcs of this.

at first i dunno what is top refferal etc. even i have read about this. but i tak berapa clear. 
so i told her that honestly im not sure what it is. so she explained to me. and thank you so much.

imma tell you frankly tht if i didnt understand ke apa. i will ask till i get it. hehehe.
and we must say tht kita tak paham. dont be shy. we are human. so benda tu normal. 
except if you're alien. bcs i thought alien was the thg that penuh dengan knowledge. hahaha.

visit her blog. Cik Chokie.

lets share something in blog. lagi bagus kalau share yang baik baik.

sharing is caring.

thank you so much all.
salam sayang.


Gee Lion said...

Kalau kita menulis ikhlas, orang pun jadi berkenan nak bertandang lagi. And yups, rajin2 la belek top referral di blog, dapatlah tahu siapa yang rajin belek blog kita.. =)

Farah Arina said...

i love ur blog too. banyak moral value yang i dapat. :)

Nurulee said...

ya Allah.
thank you so much.
May be blessed =D

Niena Reen said...

Same goes to me! Love the way you write kak! And semestinya ada moral value! :D

Cik Nur Atiqah Zaque said...

Thumbs ups! That wht are true writer worth for. :)

Alhamdulillah. ^^

athiqi ariff said...

keep that good work nurul..

arfan said...

info yang menarik, salam jepret!

unsecretostory said...

Alhamdulillah, berkat menulis dengan ikhlas kan. Tahniah :)

Teena Tna said...

Yuppo. Suka jugak baca blog nurul :)

Am_Mir said...

piwitt xD Cayalah Kak ee! Thumbs up! hee,betullah tu , post Kak ee always ada moral value and that sense of humour yknow .. haha ... Good job kak ee! (y) =D <3 <3

Ahmad Zaki said...

Menarik. Apa pun adik memang pandai menulis. Kena belajar dari adik ni. =)

ZH Blogger

Cik Itah@RRP said...

salam. love ur blog too dear hee ^^

cik lisa said...

i also love your writing hakak :p, aura nak speaking datang tetiba, haha, *muke series *kenyit mata

Izz Hazwani said...

keep calm and do your writing.

czueka zulaikha said...

happy blogging dear =)

zacky786 said...

so sincere babe :)

Nurulee said...

ya Allah.thank you all for support me etc. may uolls be blessed. Amin.

Nur Hamizah said...

Sorry late, Huhu tak sanka pula link blog ee naik. ee pun boleh try :) Dashboard -> stast -> traffic source. And kita boleh tengok keywords yang orang cari dekat blog kita. ^_^

Nur Hamizah said...

Sorry late, Huhu tak sanka pula link blog ee naik. ee pun boleh try :) Dashboard -> stast -> traffic source. And kita boleh tengok keywords yang orang cari dekat blog kita. ^_^