About Me

A warm hello to everyone! So here is a little talk about me.

I am Ee (short for my uncommon name), originally from Malaysia - yet still searching for my place in the world. I am currently going to university and studying Software Engineering. I don't have any pets, even a Kitty. I just don't have them. I as normal human, have ups and downs.

I only know Malay and English. I love Physics tho Im better in Maths. Yeah I am not an outdoorsy.

I used to love comic books, and yah I had a big collection of them when I was a kid.

I listen to a little bit of every kinda music and I like to sing. My favourite bands are My Chemical Romance and 5SOS. I listen to MCR pretty much!

I have so many favourite movies, yeah it would be hard to pick - but I do love Harry Potter the most, and my favourite character is Hermione. I like books yet to be honest I don't really read them often.

I strive to learn other's perspectives in life. Yeah I am an open minded, I love discussion and like learning new viewpoints.

I feel like I have too many interests, and yes I love night car rides. lol. I like educating myself.

I have been blogging since 2011 which I casually started it. I'm here to share experiences, feelings and things that make me smile. I blog about my day-to-day life (most of the time), pieces of my own life, the thoughts that run thru my head and I like to share them with my readers. But sometimes my life is too busy to be able to blog. I hope you enjoy it!

If you don't like the blog or me, just leave me alone. Nobody gets hurt, well I don't even know who you are and I don't do hate.

I always try to be the best version of myself! My main goal is to do as much as possible in everything.

I can be reached on nurulfarozzemohdalwi@gmail.com.

That's all what I can think about myself right now.



hello doll. ahaks xD i tot your name was nurul lee. rupanya nurul ee :) its nice to know you doll :)

Eeiou _ said...

I'm no silicon HAHAHA. thank you for coming here.

lokman amirul said...

comel awak...semoga success blog!

Lala Rahim said...

wow you hv a great picture of yourself <3

Azrin Md Rapi said...

wow you are beautiful sis