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By Eeiou_ - 8:28 PM

Hi all.
I hope you are in a good health.
I have been super busy but still want to post a review on this one book I just read it tho. I swear this book is a fun read and super cute!!!

Sophie Kinsella is one of my favourite authors. I like her sense of humours, it had me laughing tho.
The main character is Poppy who has lost her engagement ring. The story gets interesting when Poppy's phone is stolen whilst she is on her hunt for the ring. I couldnt put the book down when Poppy meets Sam, an attractive businessman, they get to know each other and things start happening between them. I really really liked Sam's character. OMGGG! They are so cute together! Yet Poppy is engaged to Magnus.

I loved this book and I really enjoyed it. It would be great if it is book-to-movie adaptation. Btw, I would give 4.5/5 for this book and I would recommend this book to those who like something hilarious with little light romance.

Till then.

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  1. macam menarik je jalan cerita dia . Yup , mesti best kalau di jadikan movie . Biasa melayu je yang buat drama daripada novel asal .

  2. ive been reading ps. i still love you by jenny han now. Maybe after this, i should try to read Sophie's.

  3. Suatu masa dahulu Mrs. A pun suka gak baca novel by Sophie Kinsella nih!
    Dah sedekad tak membaca novel huhuhuu...

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