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By Eeiou_ - 11:12 PM

I dont have period cramps/pain every month but I will have it once in a while - all the uncomfortable pressure and cramps for hours or the whole day.
Btw, I am writing this entry after had the moment of period pain and cramps. So much pain I almost throw up. Alhamdulillah, I feel much better now. Much much better! And I hope this painful part is finally over.

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I hope I could help you a little bit going through your period pain so here are some of the things that I do to deal with period pains (not sure if it works on you but it did on me):

1. Massage the lower abdomen and pelvic regions to help release pressure to the pain (or if you are lucky, someone else can do it for you).
P.s. I do this while reading Surah Al-Fatihah

2. Drink warm water. Btw, I heard that girls on period need to stay away from carbonated drinks because it will just worsen the cramps. I am not sure, I need to clarify this with doctor but got no chances yet.

3. Take pain killers (this gonna be my last choice - just when I got that extreme period pain and cant stand it)

If you experience extreme pain and cramps during your period. Please go see a doctor. Do not listen to people who say that it is normal to have that such pain. If you experience severe pain, there might be something wrong. Just go see a doctor.

Btw, if you have other things that help you going through period pains, do tell me in the comment section. It might be useful to me next time.

Take care girls! 
Till then.

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  1. Same here.. sangat jarang kena period pain, but once it happen, mmg takleh bangun. muntah2 tu biasa. Smpai kena sedikan baldi dkt sebelah. Pernah kena masa kerja mmg takleh berdiri lgsung.

  2. i dont have any tips sbb sangat sangat jarang dapat period pain ni. kalau ada pun, rasa sakit dia tu tak teruk sangat so masa dapat period pain tu i baring jeeee. pastu banyakkan minum air suam or madu, kalau boleh jgn mnum air sejuk (idk bout this sbb dari dulu lagi my mom larang hehe).

  3. The pink panadol is my salvation. It's bad for long term but I couldn't handle the pain sigh..

  4. Dah lama tak kena period pain tapi kalau Adik Mrs. A dia akan ambil panadol menstrual.

  5. Dah lama tak kena period pain tapi kalau Adik Mrs. A dia akan ambil panadol menstrual.

  6. same goes to me . Every month will thru this pain . Rub your tummy with minyak angin or use heating pad .I am the one who doesn't like pain killer , till i can't stand anymore . Sure, its my last choice also .

  7. Shu kalau period pain shu guna iron tuala atau kain apa. Tkpun beli je yg heatpad tu. Utk letak dkt tmpt sakit tu. InshaAllah nnt lega. Sbb ibu shu tk galakkan amk painkiller. Ibu suruh shu guna heatpad takpun minum lemuju. Tp shu tk suka nk minum air lemuju tu. Sbb pedas. Huhuu.

  8. saya suka lapik tuala/selimut pastu letak seterika yg masih panas kt tmpt sakit tu. pastu tidoo hahaha


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