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Hi peeps.

Breathe written by Dr. Beni who is a cardiologist at National Heart Institute, Kuala Lumpur. You might know him since he is quite famous online, I guess.

Written on the back of the book:

Dr. Adam is a cardiologist who knows how to help others. The only thing he can\t fix himself. When a heart attack threatens his life, Adam is given a chance to look at his past to rediscover the friendship and the love he lost. In this darkest hours, friends and strangers are racing against time to save him. Yet, the key to survival and future might lie in his past. All Adam wants is a second chance. And, time is running out...

Frankly speaking, this is my first ever medical novel I have read all my life. It takes me almost fours days to finish reading the entire novel (Well time constraint,  quite busy with life things). And I must say. it is beautiful written with all the plot twists and flashbacks. Not once I felt bored reading this book and always wonder what will happen next, will he die or not - I could not easily stop reading once I started tho.

I really really like the storyline, all the relationships, life, death, dramas in a book. Omg it is amazing and what makes it more interesting to me is the time lapse, it goes between past and present. However, it is easy to understand. I was not confused and it managed to gain my full attention.

I would give 4.5/5 for this novel. Totally recommended.
Kudos to Dr. Beni.

Till then.

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  1. I read a bunch of reviews about this book and all of them are good. Makes it kind of intriguing for me to get one for myself. Thanks for the review, I'll try to find a copy at my nearest major bookstore.

  2. great book review, its make me want to read it.

  3. I've bought too many books this year but I hardly sit down and try to read one of those sigh. Glad to know the book was a good read for you! :D

  4. Interesting! Can't wait to read this book too! Btw, long time no see dear ;)


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