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Salam and Hi all.

To those who dont know, Im currently finishing my final project and Im writing a paper so called a thesis whatever, and also three documents which are Software Requirement Specification (SRS), Software Design Document (SDD) and Software Testing Document (STD) and of course the project development, all the code and stuff.

It'll be a system to rank and select Final Year Project of Software Engineering Student in UPSI.
And it is related to Multi Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA) or Multi Criteria Decision Making (MCDM)

Maybe to some people, this is so hard. I've no doubt but Im taking this as a challenge and I keep telling myself that I can do this.

I think one of the biggest challenges is I really need to keep motivated. Life has become so so so hectic! you know, senior year. And of course I procrastinate a lot! Like a lot, I swear!

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I wish you all the best!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.

Till then,

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  1. Hi eeiou.. i just wanna say....

    Good Luck and all the best for your final project ^^

  2. Wah Eeiou. mesti tengah stress + serabut kan? hihi. goodluck dear for ur thesis and final yr project :D

  3. Good luck and stay strong akak! Even baru nak masuk tahun ketiga tapi dah nervous fikir benda-benda macam ni

  4. fighting ee! gosh baca nama documents tu pun saya dah stress dengar apatah lagi ee yg kena hadapi benda ni :') good luck girl!

  5. Tumpang tanya , dlm kos ni utk satu batch tu ramai tak orang?


    drop by to say hye!

  7. good luck sis for your final project!!


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