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Salam and Hi all.

Thank you so much to all who prayed for me to recover from my fever and yes I am.
I hope you are doing well and in a good health.

So I did post a poll on my instagram story about sex education, either they agree or disagree so here the result Ive got.

Personally Im a pro-sex ed, I do agree with this because if we look at the reason why sex ed needs to be taught in school is because we have so many sex related issues among teenagers like pre-marital pregnancy, abortion etc. It becomes more serious day by day.

Ive read a research paper by Laile Suzana Jaafar (2005), the research reveals that 44% teenagers learn about sex from their friends, and rest of them thru watching and reading pornographic materials.

Have you ever being asked by kids like how people makes baby? whey they coming from? kinda thing, you know. I dont know about you, but when I was a kid around 6-7 years old something. I was curious about how a woman can actually get pregnant and the baby comes out from the stomach but  I was too scared to ask anyone.
And I dont remember what really makes me think that a girl can simply get pregnant by touching a boy, like even by touching a boy's hand could make a girl pregnant. I was so scared if I might be touched by a boy, like even a bit because I don't want to get pregnant at that very young age.
Then when I get older, I think maybe by touching its fine, but not kissing. I was thinking that people makes baby just by kissing. I know its crazy and stupid but this is real. I was thinking this way till I reached 13 years old till my friends told me that's not true - that's not how people makes baby.
I knew the truth at 13 years old. Its insane. But whyyyy? because the lack of knowledge about reproductive system kinda thing. Nobody tells me.

What topics cover in sex education?
Sex ed is about human development including puberty, sexual orientation and even gender identity. Besides, relationships (inc friendship, families), personal skills, sexual behavior, sexual health etc.

I dont know why some of us disagree with sex education to be taught at school. I know they have their own reasons, maybe to some people by implementing sex ed in school will make the teenagers become more sexually active. I don't know and if you are one of them - maybe you can point out your reasons on the comment sections.

Yeah no doubt that everything has pros and cons.

Last but not least, I think if we don't implement sex ed in school, parents really really need to play their role in providing sex ed.

Congrats if you can play that critical role, it means that you are a great parent. Keep it up!

But do you really think all parents can do that?

Well we still hear sexual abuse victims are among teenagers and kids tho.

No offence. I do respect your opinion so respect mine.

Till then.

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  1. i learned it bit by bit during my Biology class in Form 4. she putted some extra info while we were learning reproductive system chapter. salute to my Biology teacher! =)

  2. betul tu ada kebaikan dan ada keburukan.. mencabar jadi seorang guru sekarang ni :)

  3. hmm samalah... dulu pun selalu terfikir macam tuu.. tahu sikit-sikit dari parents.

  4. Personally, Syaza agreed dengan Sex Education especially dari parent itself. Kalau kita ingat before this, pernah ada kes seorang kanak-kanak perempuan kena rogol, tapi tuduhan atas perogol TEPRPAKSA digugurkan sebab kanak-kanak perempuan tu hanya mampu sebut "Burung", "bunga". So it false untuk terma mahkamah. Actually there's no need to hide. Just mention pada anak kita, do not let anyone sentuh your private part called Faraj, Vagina, Penis. Let them clear. parent kena start dulu dan make sure cerita yang kita nak cerita betul-betul niat atas dasar education. Fuh panjang plak Syaza cakap yer! hehe. Btw, dah baik demam belum? :)

  5. I'd say No comment :3 but seriously you such an open minded person! ^^
    nice sharing anyway :D

  6. Most of people around me are pro sex ed as well especially my doctor friends. I think I'm pro sex ed as well. I actually took a class relating to sex ed ( don't really remember the exact name, but I think it's something along Introduction to Sexuality) during my last year of university. I learnt so much in that class.

  7. yeah everything have pros and cons. agree.

  8. Masa kecik I thought women get pregnant after marrying, I mean bila dah kahwin tiba2 and bila2 je boleh mengandung haha.

  9. Thumb up.. Berani bersuara and jenis open minded. Sex education sangat penting lah bagi saya I don't know orang lain macam mana but for me penting.


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