Even if I don't succeed.

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Salam and Hi all.

I've always wanted to try new things to create experiences with as few regrets as possible.
But when the opportunity comes, I will think that is something wayyyyy out of my comfort zone. I don't really have that confidence.

It's either I will push myself to do it, or I will let the opportunity goes to someone else.

There was a time I joined an audition for College Suara Emas, I picked Irama Melayu as my genre. I passed the audition and Id been chosen to go to final. And I had no confidence, I think I will not win the competition, I think that others are way better than me.

I asked my friends "Should I go to final?", they say yes I need to at least give it a try, they say that Ive got the voice, I've the opportunity to win. But then, even after Ive got all the advice, they encouraged me to go to final, but still because I was so scared to lose. I drop-off from the final with no regrets at first.

A month after the competition, I accidentally met one of the music trainers there something yknowww. Then he asked me, why I wasn't there at the final - he thought I will win the competition, he seemed a lil bit disappointed with me, I said sorry. And I realized I should give it a try! Even if I don't succeed, but I will learn something.

Nahhh its too late to regret.

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There was a time when I was being offered to emcee an event, like informal emcee and the event must be hosted in English. I really really want to do it, I was scared if I don't succeed. But lesson learnt, I don't want to do the same mistake again. So yes, I do it. I went out of my comfort zone. I did it.

The director of the event talked to me at the end of the show and said I was good. I was like OMG really? It meant so much to hear those words. I felt grateful.

I think I did better that I thought I would do.

I finally started feeling somewhat comfortable in being on stage. Yaaa I made few mistakes along the way but I felt more confident in my abilities and got better at emcee, to speak in public. Its hard to tell, the feelings is weird but beautiful. Yknowww what I mean?

And yes I grew up from that experience.

What I've learnt is if you're feeling afraid to step out of your comfort zone. You just need to go for it! Trust me, you will not regret anything if you remember this, even if you dont succeed, you will learn something. Trust me, the feeling of self-satisfaction afterwards is freaking worth it. I felt it. And I want you to feel the same.

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  1. Hi EE.. I just drop by your blog. Uhrmm.. It's okay, In Shaa Allah you'll get better opportunity next time. Don't afraid to fail, u'll learn banyak perkara setiap kali gagal. One day akan expert... In Shaa Allah..

  2. Akak pun macam EE jugak takut nak join competition or etc sebab takut kalah/dimalukan/dikritik..tapi at the end, rugi pada diri saya jugak..sebab tak pernah nak cuba..huhu

  3. sama lah! i love being in my comfort zone so much that whenever i tried something new, the anxiety start to kicked in. Rasa takut dimalukan di khalayak, etc. Pessimist, and overthinking. But turned out, I'm quite good presenting (with mic) as long as i did a deep research about the topic. Ceh, puji diri sendiri pulak XD

  4. First timer is always the hardest, we doubt everything. But glad you finally step out your comfort zone and enjoy the moment. :D

    The Hundred Pages | Eyqa Zq

  5. At least we trying. At least, we did our best ;)

  6. My friend said "Bila dah ada depan mata, terus grab. Takyah fikir. Takut nanti terlepas." She is brave.

    I pun pernah rasa malu and takut. Selesa dalam comfort zone sendiri, but then I realized bila nak try benda baru kalau asyik takut je. So I ignore perasaan takut tu I try. Try try sampai org lain nampak and dorg akan offer kita buat benda tu sebab dorg nampak kelebihan kita.


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