You are enough.

By Unknown - 12:10 AM

Salam and Hi all.

I really really hope that you are doing well and in a good health.

Yes I havent posted for such a long time, again. (except for my last post)
So I literally dont know where to start from. lol. But yes 2018 has been okay so far.

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Here I wanna be real and honest with you, I used to feel like I am not enough. They tell me that Im skinny etc. I was like hello that isnt my fault - why people keep putting appearances number one?
And at that point, whenever Ive got compliments from people I was like "do they pity me or are those genuine compliments?" Yes yes I know, PARANOID.

One day I realised that I dont want to be that kinda person. Like I cant do that anymore. I want to be more confident in who I am and what I stand for.
I dont want to be better than anyone else. I dont want to compare myself with them, with beautiful women out there. I just wanna feel like I am enough, I will work for that and I will get there.

But how?

  • I start to believe in my own inner and outer self.
  • Accept all my strengths and weaknesses to empower what makes me unique and nourishes my continous growth.

That was me years ago, and now I can face people and their sharp words. I dont even give a crap to anyone who says I am not enough, I am this and that. They will never be able to make me believe whatever they tryna say.
Even if I make mistakes in life or bad things happen to me, well I know my worth and feel like I am enough and I can do anything. I will take the next step and will move forward, enjoy my life.
Everyone has weaknesses and flaws, but we can still be enough even we have those weaknesses and flaws.
I realised that I have always had and have always been enough.

Trust me that each one of us (and you) are amazing in our own way. And we are enough.
Friendly reminder that you have to keep trying real hard to push away the thoughts that tell you, you arent enough. Deal?

Tell yourself every single day that you are enough, its such a way of thinking that can set the stage to live a beautiful life. You will be happier.

I cant wait to see what happens in 2018, I hope this year brings us more amazing experience.

I'll be on my own till then, keep well.

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23 love letter(s)

  1. masa kecil2 dahulu, selalu dibandingkan -bandingkan dengan sepupu..sebab saya terlalu kurus..sepupu2 jenis chubby..bagi parents mereka anak-anak chubby lambang kemegahan & satu kebanggaanlah..sekarang bila masing-masing dah kahwin & badan dah tahap obes, dia orang semua depress sebab susah nak kurus..saya still mantain kurus..just nak cakap, abaikan kata-kata negatif..& sayangi diri

  2. may you have a great 2018. dont worry and just be yourself oky

  3. the wisdom, the beauty, the confident you seek is already inside of you. much loves.

  4. Don't lose your faith in your heart and just ignore what the people says about you.. walaupun kadangkala kata-kata yang diucapkan mungkin menyakitkan hati, tapi ambiklah kata-kata itu sebagai penguat semangat awak untuk teruskan kehidupan.. Mulut manusia sememangnya tak boleh ditutup seperti mulut tempayan, dan anggaplah yang mereka sebenarnya cemburu dengan diri kita dan merekalah yang tak yakin dengan diri mereka..

  5. Dont listen what people, just beyourself and loveyourself girl :)

  6. uit. masih aktif lagi ya . haha. :D

  7. Nice entry sis. It makes me realize that everyone were special. (sorry for the bad grammar) ☆彡

  8. dont worry be happy. stay healthy okey.. follow sini

  9. Wishing you a great year! 2018 sounds like a year we can all do with something new. :)

  10. Praying that this year will be better for all of us, insyaAllah amin ^_^

  11. be strong. semoga 2018 ni lebih kuat dan tahun yang lebih baik dari sebelumnya.

  12. ignore je mak cik bawang tu semua dik.. cakap kat dorang, muke dah cantik, hati pun kena cantik jugak.. hihi

  13. semoga dipermudahkan segala urusan..

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  14. why kene beze and banding2 kan orang lain ? :( setiap orang ada keistimewaan tesendiri no one is perfect. including yang suke beze2 kan orang lain.

  15. not in a million years there will be someone like you. cherish you ownself and keep calm be cool. :D

  16. semoga segakanya dipermudahkan

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  18. hi. jmput la join n meriahkan segmen GA kt sini

  19. Takpa laa kurus wak. Tak pening nak diet. Nanti kalau gemuk, orang cakap jugak, "gemuknyaa sekarang". Takpe embrace yourself okayyy :*

  20. hai een ! rsnya mcm lama je k.ana tak jenguk sini.

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