Self vector portrait.

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Salam all and Hi.

How you guys doing?
I hope everything is okay with you.

Someone sent me a vector portrait of myself, and it is free of charge. yay! So here I want to do kinda review of it.
Maybe you're interested to get one, because his work is so stunning!

Yes, everyone has their own style of creating vector portraits. To be honest, vector art is not my forte. To me in creating a vector, we really really need to have an eye for details and spend some time on it and patience.

I tried to make a vector portrait (turning a photo into vector illustration), I was using GIMP. The software is quite niece and easy to use, especially for beginner but I don't really want to spend that much time on making that so I decided to just leave it. haha don't judge me.

but hey look at his work!

I don't know but I am so impressed! and I genuinely really like it. Thank you so much. It's amazing.

If you want him create a vector portrait for you, you can reach him on:

Facebook: Fitri Hamid
Whatsapp: 0135078346

What do you think of his work? Don't forget to leave a comment.

Till then. Ciao!

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20 love letter(s)

  1. oh my god. nice work!!! (Y) (Y)

  2. cantik laa.. kreatif betul orang tu..

  3. lawanyaaaa! free pulak tu haha nice! untungnya ada bakat macam ni T_T

  4. Wow! Ada orang buatkan potrait. Sweetnya. hehe

  5. nice work,but adik memang cantik pun...

  6. cantik....cantik....cantik.... >.<

  7. So creative...very artistic...i like to make an own portrait through this digital art system.

  8. Cantiknya ! Moi dulu pernah jugak nak try buat, tak gheti la huwaaa


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