How weird is my name?

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Salam all and Hi.

I hope you're doing great.

How is me? I am fine, thanks.

For those who doesn't know what is my full name, lemme tell you - my full name is Nurul Farozze. Maybe this is the first time you have ever known someone with this name, and that's me. Well it is kinda weird name I guess because there are lots of people ask me,

"what is your full name actually? is that for real?"
"oh that's weird!"
"what is the meaning of your name?"
"I don't know how to pronounce your name?"
"Is that the real spelling?"

So yes, that's my name and I am proud of it. Shout out to my dad, thank you so much for this name <3

I've never hate my name nor the spelling, but I admit that I was curious to know what is the meaning of my name. I did google, asked people - but I didn't found it. So I simply say that my name doesn't mean anything.

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Before further ado, if you are wondering why am I suddenly talking about my name? This is because recently, someone that I just know and he asked my full name (as always) and I told him, that's my name. Then he asked me what's the meaning of my name? and I just answered him that I don't know but I think there's no meaning, and he was like "kalau takda makna panggil nama lain je lah."

Auch, that's hurt!

But hey I'm not sad or anything, I get used to it. I have been using this name all my life and I am actually don't give a crap on people who saying bad about my name and stuff.

I am too busy being me, yknowwww.

To be honest, I am so thankful for this name because it helps me a lot, in everything. Yes, people easily remember me - the lecturers especially. (but it makes me hard to skip any classes/ponteng because the lecturer knows me)

Oh ya if you're wondering how to pronounce it, it is like 'Fa-ro-zi' - the spelling doesn't matter.

I still remember when I was taking a test for IPG, one of the lecturers there asked me - what country is your dad comes from? and I was like, hey my dad is a Malaysian, and then he said sorry because he just wondered why my name is spelled like that. I wasn't mad or anything - it's okay!

I want to be real with y'all - frankly, I always getting nervous whenever I am being in a ceremony or event and whatnot, where is my name need to be announced or to be called in a public, in front of tons of people. I am scared if they mispronounce my name, I don't know why I've got that feeling and yes it is annoying, but I get used to it. No problemo. I know most of people genuinely cannot say my name.

One of the beautiful things that I like with this name, is whenever I am waiting for my name to be called, and at that moment - the person who are calling the names is like 'nurul' and they look of confusion on the face and I just like "yahhh that's me" and I have never ever mistaken! Well people usually stuck on my name and I swear, I know that's me. Haha.

And I know some of people they are laughing of it, yknoww I can hear that, but I couldn't anything - whatever people do is not my business and I just care about me, about how I feel. That's that.

For those who likes to make fun of other's name, can you just stop it. You don't really know how they feel and why not just being nice with people?

I am so sorry because I don't have any special ways of explaining my name but I am proud of it.
Nurul Farozze, that's me. Call me 'Ee' for short (E-e) maybe that's the weirdest nickname I dunno.

and yes I have never been able to find any key chain with my name on it. Lol.

Till then, keep well.

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28 love letter(s)

  1. i think your name is unique what . and senang je nak pronounce .maybe the others tu acah-2 peliks kot hehe . anyways, farah penah dengar nama lagi susah nak pronounce .so be proud of yourself dear ee :)

  2. Ai pernah ada kawan nama Faruzi..

  3. Farozze senang sgt nak sebut, just pedulikan manusia sekeliling yang jenis 'hei kenapa nama kau pelik sangat' or 'maksud namaaaaa?' dengan muka habis curious, buat derk je. Make sure perangai kita elok, tak kira bertapa peliknya nama or susah nak sebut nama tu, sebab kalau maksud nama tu kemain baik tapi perangai hampeh tak boleh jugak. Just behave yourself and keep living.

    Nasihat untuk diri sendiri jugak 😅

  4. Salam stopping by here.. that's why for the first time i looked at your nick name .. my first impression to call her hii. .. it's ok lah dik.. you should be proud with your name... no matter what :)

  5. oh why? your name is unique and cute tbh

  6. Kita seangkatan, nama a bit weird ...
    Mine is emphi yap.
    But, I love my name so much.

  7. ouch! unik betul name awak dik.. tapi sedap je bile disebut.. :)

  8. Uniknya nama :)

    I pun sama taktau maksud Anina haha, tapi I ada search and ada jumpa maksud dia. Tapi punya senang nak pronounce still ada yang salah sebut, ada yang sebut Amina la Arina la haha haih Ashyqin pulak jadi 'A-shai-kin' aigooo...

  9. hehe takde peliklah nama awak! sedap je. hikhik mungkin terlampau unik sangat tu hehe

  10. eh unik tau ada nama macam tu, satu dalam seribu orang kata.

  11. haha! pedulikan apa yang orang kata kakak! nama akak tetap sedap disebut! ❤

  12. Nama akak uniklah, betul ckp lecturer tu senang nak ingat! :D nama saya pun lecturer dgn cikgu2 ingat sbb dorang kata nama saya ni susah nak jumpa, haha. Lagipun nama saya ni pendek je tkde nur nurul siti, memang senang cikgu nak panggil xD

  13. eh tak lah . bukan pestime dengar, sebelum ni pernah dengar jugak nama macam ni. tapi tak sure kat mana.

  14. for me, ur name is unique yet pretty <3
    i really love ur name, it is quite simple and cute.
    BV ada kenal orang yang namanya memang unik tapi panjang dan selalu salah eja. :D

  15. saya pun selalu kena mcm ni "err..nur..sha...z??" (the perks of studying overseas) kalau pergi starbucks lagi la bermacam ejaan yang bunyi ke laut.... hu hu

  16. nothing is wrong with your name. Your name is beautiful as you are dear.

    just ignore what people said about you. let them be and just be yourself. You have really a beautiful soul <3

  17. Still a unique and beautiful name...

  18. Nampak jak nama trus rasa nak buka kamus arab cos it may derive from 'fa ro za' arabic words which I read in my arabic dictionary meaning 'pengasingan'/ memilih ia akan) like ayat penyambung macam 'yang / ke'.

    but it stil a unique name and you shud be proud of it. Once all of our name doesnt have meaning until people make it.

  19. singgah hari rabu.. :)

  20. unik nama awk.. ok laa tuu orang pun senang nak ingat kan..

    xpe laa.. pedulikan je apa orang nak kata. :)

  21. I like how cool you are with your name and when you say "yup thats me" - funnyyyyyy. Some people actually say they hate their name for lots of reason and I kinda feel sad especially when it actually means something good.

    Btw, nice to meet you farozze :D

    // I want to invite you to join my contest as well - just click

  22. Hahaha

    Nama kita pun tak de makna jugak...tapi better la dari ada makna yang tak baik kan....=)

  23. "For those who likes to make fun of other's name, can you just stop it. You don't really know how they feel and why not just being nice with people?"

    Bravo, love this statement.

  24. Nama Ee unik lah dear dan cantik seperti orangnya <3

    I can feel you masa orang panggil nama duk susah nak sebut. Hehe. Bab salah eja pun sama jugak. Nama Siqah, dan ramai orang selalu eja SiKaH. Rasa nak marah sebab bila tukar jadi K jadi pelik lak nama tu. tambah lagi bila ada yang main2 tukar H jadi T. Jadilah Sikat T_T

    Yang penting, nama ada maksud yang baik. Insyallah kita akan jadi seperti maksud nama kita =)

  25. best apa jadi special..i means u got unique name!senang orang nak ingat tau!hehe


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