Friday, July 14

4th semester result released.

Salam all and Hi.

How you're doing?
I am so fine. Alhamdulillah.

I passed 2nd year of my studies and I am so pleased with my final result which I've got yesterday.
I am not a person who likes to share my result on Facebook etc. I just don't want to do that, I have my own reasons.

but um I just thought that I should blog it, because I want to share everything with this blog. I like to do so.

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For last semester, I think I did it good. I was less confident about the result, I thought I won't manage to get this 'good' result because last semester, I messed up a little bit. I thought I didn't do very well, frankly.

So basically I did much better than I was expecting and I was so nervous checking my result.
Look I've got:

Beyond delighted, didn't think I had do that well and I couldn't say more than thank you Allah for this, for everything. Thank you everyone, lecturers, parents. Love y'all.

I took 7 courses with 20 credit hours.
I got 6As and 1B+ which is Operating System. But hey I don't really blame myself, I mean yes I didn't do quite well on the assignment but I the lecturer is very strict on marking and he is famous with being 'stingy' in giving marks.
The highest that he will give is B+, no A. No one would get A in his class. and I managed to get B+. So?

This isn't what I really want (of course I want 4.0) but yah I had not do very well last semester I admit.

But Alhamdulillah, so far I haven't got less than 3.80 for finals. and I have another 2 years to go.

What is the bestest thing is, I got A for class that I used to skip like crazy.
I took 'Human and Computer Interaction' course, and I just attend the class literally 2 times for the whole semester. and I got A for that course. I was like, oh-my-gosh!
The reason why I always chose to skip the class is actually because its boring to just sit and listen to the lecture. (my bad)
and another class that I always wanted to skip and I did few times is E-techno, and yah I got A. I was surprised.
Alhamdulillah btw.

I think I had mention on my old post that I am a ponteng class person since I was in school. For classes that I think its boring and I don't want my brain to stuck there, I want it to work. So I'd rather study by myself.
Quite a bad habit of myself. Lol.

Last but not least, congrats to everyone who's happy with their result.
Best of luck to everybody who is going to be receiving their results. Don't worry tho, it will all be fine. I hope you get what you want. Just remember you're fabulous and exam results don't define you.

Till then, keep well.



paciha said...

congrats on your result babe !

Haslina Kasbulah said...

Woww ..Alhamdulillah.. congratulations.

mamapp said...

Tahniah dear

Aisya Ismail said...

congratulations dear..

E'in said...

wow!! tahniah dik.. :)

Mrs Pip said...

Congrats , and hope you have a beautiful study journey ...

Farhanah Afiqah said...

Getting excellent result after all the efforts must feel so good!

Mazni Munawar said...

dari zaman ee spm lagi selalu dpt result power. congratz, you deserve it! ;D

Amer Ridzuan said...


Irda Garmin said...

cantik dan bijak,full package,sukses always my dear

Nurul Rasya said...

Fewitt congrats!

Aiman Salleh said...

bestnyaa skip2 class pun, pointer letop! btw congratsss

izzati haruno said...

Congratulations sis! ♡.♡

Nur Madihah said...

wow, congrats sistur!

nadhie wueen said...

Wahh... alhamdulillah. syukur dan tahniah atas kecemerlangan^^

Farah said...

Congrats ee! :)

Nona Qiyah said...

Seriously, suka skip class yang boring semua tuh?
Attendance tak diambil kira? ehehe~

Congrates ! Terus bijakkk dan and success as ur plan !

Siqah Hussin said...

Congrats congrats! 😊

Anina Shyqin said...

Wahhh congrats :)

Farihah Shuhaimi said...

Congrats for your results!

Nur Najihah said...