Monday, June 19

Semester 4 Wrap up!

Salam all. and Hi.
I hope you are doing well.

As the semester is wrapping up, I feel like I want to blog about the whole semester roughly.

I've had a very busy semester. This past semester has been full of experiences and new opportunities. I'm very proud of what I've been able to do, I tried new things, getting out of my comfort zone. And these past few months were so crazy that I never had time to properly sleep. So here goes a write up on everything's that happened then.

I went to Loveats for the first time for this semester. The chicken chop there is my favourite then and now.  I love love love it!

I went to theatre to watch the movie Rings, and like seriously I was the only one who screamed in the theatre for the freaking sound of opening door. Like seriously Ee? but never mind, no one knows that was me. Sorry I can't help to scream whenever I watch a horror movie, the scene isn't that scary tho.

Having my second glasses, so now I've two glasses. yay. Oh ya I've a quite bad astigmatism, so I really really need to wear glasses, and I don't like it nor contact lens, yet I'd rather choose glasses than wearing contact lens coz of the laziness.

Went to Loveats for the second time and I had a burger. They are very popular with their burger as they got variety of burgers to eat. I would like to give 7/10 for this burger. I don't remember the name of the burger. haha.

I was being the emcee for Japanese Singing Competition. I literally nervous at that moment, I freaked out, I really really scared that I will make a mistake etc. And Alhamdulillah, thanks Allah, everything went very well. Thank you for the committees for giving me the opportunity, and for choosing me and put your trust on me. It really means a lot to me! and here the picture of me with my partner.
My family and I went to Cameron Highlands. We stayed there for a night, thank you family.

Having a video shoot with my friends. Thank you for having me.

I went to dean's award ceremony, since I'm on the dean's list. Thanks Allah and all. andddd just bare with the my outfit, the theme is Bollywood but I don't have much time to search for the Bollywood thingy. so yahhh simple me!

Celebrating my birthday on May 24. Thank you so much for the little celebration, for the cake and stuff. I was so happy!

Was being the emcee for the dinner. And I've got a compliment from UPSI Vice Chancellor, he met me and said "you are so good, the way you speaking english, you're a good emcee" and I was like "oh really, thank you". Seriously I had not expect that he would talk to me. He is very friendly, and omg speechless. Thank you for the committees for trusting me to conduct the dinner. I think I did much better compared to the Japanese singing competition. hehe.
That is me the one who without the mask. and I don't have so many photos coz I was so busy in preparing for the emcees things. TT__TT

Preparing for finals and finishing all the assignments, I had a few hectic weeks. Omg. and my skin breakouts few times. really bad. My mom was like "what happened to your face, the acne etc" huaaaa TT__TT and now I'm in the process to get rid of them but for the sweetness part, I've made a few new friends. I genuinely like them!

I think that's all. Thanks everyone who comes and goes. 
I am so sorry if this entry is quite boring. Just leave me a comment how was your past few months?

Till then, keep well.



Aiman said...

thats the way how student should feel. full of craziness in one semester but u did it. no enough sleep satu kewajipan. hehe btw congratz for previous semester and all the best for coming sem.


mamapp said...

Wow penuhnya jadual. Tahniah maauk dekan list.. beauty with brain u are 😘

Shikin Razali said...

Itulah hakikatnya seorang yang bernama pelajar.. Anyway best of luck to u sis whatever u did.. Semoga Allah memberkati kehidupan sis.. =)

nadhie wueen said...

Not boring lah. diberi kepercayaan jadi emcee & dipuji oleh vice! hehe.

E'in said...

dean list?? wow!! congrates dik!!

btw, dah boleh raya dengan tenang.. haha.. selamat hari raya!

Lokman Hakim said...

selamat maju jaya dalam pelajaran dan kehidupan nurul...

Mazni Munawar said...

tak pernah tak cantik tau Ee ni! tahniah dean list, kita dpt DL pun tk penah merasa dinner2 cmni huu sadis kann

selamat bercuti!

Syara Nur Qistina said...

ahhhh you're my inspiration xD

Eyqa Zq said...

You have a very best moment on the passed weeks, may you have all the goodness awaits on the future. Everytime I visit your blog I wish that I can write like you but just by reading your entry now I wish I can speak like you. <3

Selamat berpuasa nurul. hehe.

Haslina said...

Wauu.. tahniah masuk dlm dean list..

Adam said...

I didn't know you were in ch last april. I was there too.
Ibwasn't lucky enough to meet the pretty young girl there.

Selamat hai raya dan jangan lupa main meriam buluh.

Adam said...