Thursday, November 10

Endless battle?

Assalamualaikum and hi all.

What's up? Long time no see. Well I was busy and still busy, but I feel like I want to blog today. so yah.

Anyways, I really really hope you are in pink of health.

What happened to the world lately? I don't know much about politics and I hate talking about politics because it could breaks people apart. But what I do is care about people. I care.
It is not easy to admit that he won, I hate to say he's the president now.

When free turns into hate. World might be much more scarier.
If you ask me what I want for the world? I want it to become a place that we can live harmoniously. Without hate. Without fight. Without war.

Literally, if I've got a wand and it could be waved.
I would waved it and the world would be cured.
But I don't have the power,

Yes. Today. He has a power on the world because of the 54 million people who voted him.
Yes. He had no political experience but had chance to win. I don't even get it.
I don't even understand, and keep asking. why? and why?
I don't know how it turned out that way.

I fear for the Muslims, for the people, for the world, for the women - who had fought for their rights.
They might feel unsafe now and maybe feel helpless. I want them to live freely and achieve their goals.
why not just let them be? why his speeches go against them?

Some might say, I'm not even from America. Why do I care about this?
Simple. because I care about people. and I'm Muslim. I don't do hate.
Does it makes sense?

I know maybe this is an endless battle that we're fighting for.
But no point to give up, it won't change anything.
We still have God that we believe in. Keep praying.

I struggle to be a positive person, to spread positive vibes to others.
Can you all be together with me in this difficult time to stay positive?
We need to come together and spread loves. Don't let fear win. Speak out.
We need to educate people, children to be kind. We so desperately need it for the world today.

Till then.
p.s: Pray for me and my studies.