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By Unknown - 12:18 AM

Salam and Hi all.

I hope you are doing very well.
I've been busy quite busy these days - taking care of my nieces and nephews.
There are lots of stories to tell you all but not now.

Memang dari dulu I dah biasa dengan baby and kid. I'm a good babysitter.
Yah I really love kids and they love me as well. For real. Hahaha.
I pernah babysit my cousins plus my niece, so 4 of them - My niece was a baby at that time.
That was literally pufffhhhh (mind blown)

I buat susu sambil dukung baby. Dukung dua orang sekali. I tak boleh bangun sebab diorang akan menangis. I mandikan, basuh this and that! too many to story.
That's a bit weird kut because I'm not married, still. and I was a teen but do babysitting is fun and give me experiences.
That I can be a supermom in the future. Well. Hahaha.

Actually I ada masa sikit to blog for now because my niece is sleeping.
Lets get started before she wakes up.

One of my nieces, her name Sara. 

One of the things I must do when I babysit them - I will let them watching Nursery Rhymes either I it play on tv or laptop/phone/tablet etc. 
They really really like it and akan diam or tidur. Easy kan.
So today I would like to share few Nursery Rhymes or Channels on Youtube that my babies and I like.

This is superb awesome and I like it. I like the animations, songs and all. also the dance. Haha.

I love this. super! Hahaha. The channel is very good. I had play all the playlists and videos like for hours. They didn't get bored at all. You should check their Channel and Subscribe!
I love all their videos. The animations are very very good, the graphic is superb. Everything is awesome!
Few songs I love as weel, from the same channel:

Ya Allah there are too many videos on this channel yang I suka. If you have baby or kid. Please lah get your baby and watch all of them. You have to. Please do this for your baby. Hahaha.
Another videos from different channel:

Omg this channel is incredible cute. I swear. Hahaha.

There are tons of videos your baby will like to watch!
The channel is, Dava and Ava - Nursery Rhymes and Baby Songs.
Check it out, all moms and dads and babysitters out there.

Anyways, Nursery Rhymes is so helpful for babies to build their vocabulary.
They are very very good for the brain which can builds memories capabilities that can be applied to any activities. You know what I mean? You have to.

Here is the link of Little Baby Bum:

Bye all.
See you soon.

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18 love letter(s)

  1. Nice sharing..
    Akak selalu bagi anak2 akak tgk didi and friends..
    lagu2 dari upin dan ipin..
    Boleh cuba yang ini untuk bahasa inggeris.. thanks..

  2. nice sharing sis :) glad that you had the experiences before ue married :)

  3. ada bau nasi minyak lepas ni. haha. ok akak gurau ja. :P

  4. lagu anak itik tok wi pun bez juga tu.. dgn didi and friends .. :D :D

  5. Mak akak babysitter. Akak selalu tolong mak..tolong tengok je,hahahaha

    Kidding. Kadang2 ada la tolong mandi n suap makan. Dah macam2 ragam budak pernah jumpa.

    Yg sekarang ni 2 beradik, si kakak kejap2 "upin upin, kak yana, pin pin
    ' hehe

  6. Bestnya jaga budak.. huhu :D

  7. Theres been a day where I will just sit in front of my desktop and browsing nursery songs. :3

    - Everyone tot that I have a bad day, but truly is, im just enjoying it. Thanks for the suggestion nurul. Hehe.

  8. masyaAllah sis, kagum! boleh dah tuuu 😜

  9. thanks untuk cadangan lagu inggeris.. takdelah nak melantak dengar didi & friends je. hehehe :D

  10. Diorang tak meragam macam2 ke? Babysitting isn't just for me I guess haha sebab my anak saudara semua nakal lol.

  11. Of course meragam, some times. I have to face it then, no choice haha

  12. kebetulan CP sekarang kerja taska kat KL ni, semenjak kerja taska ni, otak CP dah jadi playlist nursery rhymes dah, hahaha, dah takde dah lagu2 jiwang ke, lagu2 korea more, fav CP sekarang Baby Shark...hahaha, budak2 pun....

    lovey-dovey2 kiss my pet...hahaha...and lagu2 dari pinkfong cute sangat...

  13. sme i jga sorg je..superb la u !

  14. Kalau akak tengok ni, dengan akak sekali nak menari dan menyanyi. Macam cerita Dora The Explorer dan Diego. Hihihi

  15. i pun suka baby...
    btw coel giloss niece you...budak2 mmg suka sgt dgn nursery rhymes...i pun kalau dorg menagis bukak je nursery rhymes kt youtube =D

  16. Bagusnyaa Ee ... Before married dah ada experience jaga baby . Nanti senang bila dah kahwin . Btw, nice sharing dear =D

  17. blum pernah lagi jaga budak. jaga adik sendiri pun payah ni nak jaga anak cousin hahahaha i give up lah haha lol

  18. you're just like my brother suka jadi babysitter xD semoga bila cousin2 akak besar nanti diorang ingat balik jasa akak hihik


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