Wednesday, August 24

My Today Wednesday.

Salam all. Hi.

I woke up in the morning.
Laid on my bed for about 10 minutes while checking on my phone.

Today is a Wednesday, tomorrow is Thursday.
How fast time flies.
I literally don't know what to do today.
Started thinking what to eat for my breakfast.
Wanted to make a Milo and a bread with fried egg in the middle.
I did. I ate.

Then I turned on the tv.
Nothing interests me.
Turned off.

I should update my blog today.
But my laziness - I can't help it.

Should I begin packing stuff?
Will be going back to UPSI less than a fortnight.
My semester break? Lame. Bored.
Doing the same thing over and over again everyday.
Being bored is boring.

Took my phone.
Checking some stuff on Wattpad. Decided to read some Harry Potter stories.
I chose Hogwarts with the Marauders.
Stopped my reading at Chapter 9.

Turned on my laptop and updating my blog.
Here I am, writing an entry.

Gerak lu pape roger.


nadhie wueen said...

yes! update blog n blog walking is da best things to do. kekeke

Iz Rdn said...

I feel you hahaha same here XD

Ahmad Hasif said...

update blog dgn baca blog boleh hilangkan bosan tu.. haha

Original Syuhadah said...

Can i called this is a poetry ? your writing make me felt like i'm reading a poetry. Simple but nice and little bit meaningful hahaha . Nice BW here :)

YumeeDream said...

Naa akhirnya terjawab. sis wonder Ee belajar kat mana hihih Upsi rupanya. Next week dah nak habis cuti T.T Everythings gonna back to normal. Student life ❤

Aisya Azman said...

Nasib baik i kerja. Haha. Kalau hujung minggu, banyak bergolek je la.

ayunie ramli said...

awal sangat nk packinggg.. hehe. mek dlu petang ni nk gerak, pg baru packing :)

Faizah Syakira said...

upsi rupanya :)

Cik Ash said...

Selamat belajar ke upsi

Farah A. Fir said...

I dunno what else to post hehe. Next week start packing dah :( hmmm

Mas said...

Happy studying back!..ahaa..

Zhi said...

Jangan malas-malas k...

*tumbuk langit*

Maman Reen said...

Wattpad reader juga disini..! Hihi

Vanilla Maple said...

hihihihi.comel je yg last tu. gerak luuu. saya pon bosan cuti sem ni. kalau bejalan tak bosan la. hahaha

Anis Diyana said...

i enjoy doing nothing at home

Si Belahan Jiwa said...

of course being bored is boring XD hahaha.. btw, ada wattpad la kan?? ^.^ nanakkkk follow :D

Eeca Shyaa said...

do something!! :P