Saturday, August 27

Exam Anxiety

Salam and Hi all.

Recently, a Spm-er texted me on Wechat.
and she told me:

She worried about her upcoming SPM, the real one. She don't know what to do.
She studied a lot but still can't cope with those study thingy.
and stuff like that.

(I deleted her texts - so I'm sorry I can't show it here)

Apparently she needs some motivations - I guess. I don't know if I can or I'm the right one to give her some inspirations and stuff.
Because I'm not a speaker nor a counselor etc.
But I love to give people my opinion especially on students or pre teen.

So I did, I gave her advises and tips thingy.
I always loved to do that tho.

Personally I think what she worried about is not the exam, basically its about herself - her own ability.
To be clearer, she scared of failure - plus she don't believe herself. This is what we called: Pressure for Perfection.
Which can lead you to be stressful, can't sleep well and worry a lot. etc.
That's why you become one of negative persons - and lose your confidence.

To be frank, when I was about to face the SPM back then. I was a bit nervous on subject that I really really wanted to score such as Physics and Add-Math.
But Alhamdulillah I was able to overcome my nervousness. It's not that hard.

What you can do is, just ignore that feeling. That feeling is normal and natural - but it is totally rubbish!
That feeling will gives your brain negative messages like "I think I can't do this", "It's hard", "I know I can't reach my target" etc.
You must replace this with positive thoughts such as "The feeling is totally crap", "I can do this", "Will give a try and do my best".

You have to be positive before you go in for exam.

You might say: It's hard, I can't, how blablabla

Trust me, it won't be working if you keep asking. Just do it!

If I can, why not you?

What you have to think and set on your mind is YOU CAN DO THIS!
No one knows your abilities as much as yourself.
Put your target mengikut kemampuan diri.
Don't push yourself that much. Live happily!

You don't have to be perfect in exam tho.
You have to do your best.
Failing to reach your target is not the end of the world.

You just have to keep focusing on your exam.
Strive earnestly - as much as you can.
Keep studying for the exam and enjoy your life at the same time.

Try to imagine yourself with flying colours etc.
It might helps - maybe a bit.
Lantaklah orang nak kata you berangan ke apa.
This is for yourself to gain some confidence. Just do it!

I don't say you have to be so so so confident and then you tak dapat you frustrated blahblah.
You just need to know your own ability and be confident with it.

Thank you for sharing your worries girl.
Staying calm yourself.

All the best for the exam and future.


Faizah Syakira said...

setujooo sangat... :)

suruh adik tu sentiasa baca al-Quran dan solat sunat hajat untuk kurangkan gementarnya. :)

Mazni Munawar said...

thank you ee. saya pun jenis yg sama mcm adik tu juga, selalu takut x dpt buat yg terbaik utk exam

this is sooo inspiring :D

Irda Garmin said...

good dear..:)

Syahran Syah said...

Visit your site..

nadiah izzaty said...

Hi , EE .....

nadiah izzaty said...

Sorry lama tak blogwalking

nadiah izzaty said...

Indeed , just do the best . =D

Mas said...


Ana Fatihah said...

Give our best effort and tawakkal to Allah, then hati kita akan tenang. Kalau berjaya, kita akan bersyukur kalau gagal kita akan sabar. :)

nadhie wueen said...

all came from the power of mind. Our mindsets right? neway, nice entry dear ;)

Ahmad Hasif said...

Maybe boleh suh dia baca ni tuk motivasi dia..

Masa nk spm dulu sy patah kaki 6 bulan duk guna tongkat nk g kelas n so on.. Masa exam pun sama tp guna tongkat yg sebelah je sbb dh bole berjalan sedikit.. Punya la dugaan masa tu..
Tp alhamdulillah result masih ok dapat juga 5A..

Jgn takut utk gagal.. Belajar la Dr kegagalan dan kesilapan.. Berdoa dan buat solat tahajud bnyk2.. Insyallah bila diredhai ilmu yg berkat boleh berjaya...

Ingat belajar bukan hanya tuk lulus exam.. Tp ilmu ygada tu digunapakai utk diri sendiri dan kepada mereka yg memerlukan nya..

Spm kalo gagal boleh repeat.. :D keberkatan yg dicari dalam menuntut ilmu ni.. Sentiasa ingati
Pencipta kita.. Gud luck spm..

tashira z said...

pergh teringat dgn zaman spm dulu. nice sharing ee :)

Farah A. Fir said...

Aiming for perfection is so me xD and I always hate listening to others complaining how hard the paper is gonna be TT_TT

ayunie ramli said...

untuk adik yg tengah gementar tu, SPM memang segalanya sebab penentu nk msuk dip ke, deg ke ap tp ingat, kejayaan kita atas usaha kita. bace buku tp tak msuk tu sbb adik pkir sgt, takot sgt dgn exam. just rilex. buat stkat yg boleh. jgn nk pkir org lain. kt nk hdup, kt corakkan sndiri :)

YumeeDream said...

Wasalam. Nice tips Ee ^^


semoga smuanya dimudahkan. walau den xpaham sgt english

Jueliza Jamani said...

U can do it dik.. Semoga dipermudahkan Amin....

Salam kenal dari Mama Jue.. Mama Followers #2915

Eyqa Zq said...

Give up is easy. Well, there none of this world gonna be easy. Mau buka pntu pun kena berjalan.

If we giving up one thing this moment doesnt meant we have to face easy things in the future. Everything has it own struggle to survive.

Its just a matter of will we struggle and make the best of ourselves and gain experience from it or just nothing to gain. It is always our options btw. :D

Vanilla Maple said...

agree much. i like ur advice. keep inspiring peoples :)

Nadratul Syazwana said...

Thank you Ee! I need this too. Kadang takut sangat bila dah study tapi takleh jawab ke apa hmm.