Monday, August 29

Giveaway 400 by AsyaAmin

Salam all.
and Hi.

I'm about to join a giveaway.
Frankly I wanted to take a part on this giveaway because AsyaAmin or I used to call her Adda is my friend. I literally want to support my friend.
We haven't met yet but we really have a nice friendship since 2011 I think - If I'm not mistaken.

So yah.

I've done all the requirements and I hope I can be one of the winners.

To anyone who want to join the giveaway.
You can click on the photo above and I will bring you there.
Or here is the link:

Saturday, August 27

Exam Anxiety

Salam and Hi all.

Recently, a Spm-er texted me on Wechat.
and she told me:

She worried about her upcoming SPM, the real one. She don't know what to do.
She studied a lot but still can't cope with those study thingy.
and stuff like that.

(I deleted her texts - so I'm sorry I can't show it here)

Apparently she needs some motivations - I guess. I don't know if I can or I'm the right one to give her some inspirations and stuff.
Because I'm not a speaker nor a counselor etc.
But I love to give people my opinion especially on students or pre teen.

So I did, I gave her advises and tips thingy.
I always loved to do that tho.

Personally I think what she worried about is not the exam, basically its about herself - her own ability.
To be clearer, she scared of failure - plus she don't believe herself. This is what we called: Pressure for Perfection.
Which can lead you to be stressful, can't sleep well and worry a lot. etc.
That's why you become one of negative persons - and lose your confidence.

To be frank, when I was about to face the SPM back then. I was a bit nervous on subject that I really really wanted to score such as Physics and Add-Math.
But Alhamdulillah I was able to overcome my nervousness. It's not that hard.

What you can do is, just ignore that feeling. That feeling is normal and natural - but it is totally rubbish!
That feeling will gives your brain negative messages like "I think I can't do this", "It's hard", "I know I can't reach my target" etc.
You must replace this with positive thoughts such as "The feeling is totally crap", "I can do this", "Will give a try and do my best".

You have to be positive before you go in for exam.

You might say: It's hard, I can't, how blablabla

Trust me, it won't be working if you keep asking. Just do it!

If I can, why not you?

What you have to think and set on your mind is YOU CAN DO THIS!
No one knows your abilities as much as yourself.
Put your target mengikut kemampuan diri.
Don't push yourself that much. Live happily!

You don't have to be perfect in exam tho.
You have to do your best.
Failing to reach your target is not the end of the world.

You just have to keep focusing on your exam.
Strive earnestly - as much as you can.
Keep studying for the exam and enjoy your life at the same time.

Try to imagine yourself with flying colours etc.
It might helps - maybe a bit.
Lantaklah orang nak kata you berangan ke apa.
This is for yourself to gain some confidence. Just do it!

I don't say you have to be so so so confident and then you tak dapat you frustrated blahblah.
You just need to know your own ability and be confident with it.

Thank you for sharing your worries girl.
Staying calm yourself.

All the best for the exam and future.

Wednesday, August 24

My Today Wednesday.

Salam all. Hi.

I woke up in the morning.
Laid on my bed for about 10 minutes while checking on my phone.

Today is a Wednesday, tomorrow is Thursday.
How fast time flies.
I literally don't know what to do today.
Started thinking what to eat for my breakfast.
Wanted to make a Milo and a bread with fried egg in the middle.
I did. I ate.

Then I turned on the tv.
Nothing interests me.
Turned off.

I should update my blog today.
But my laziness - I can't help it.

Should I begin packing stuff?
Will be going back to UPSI less than a fortnight.
My semester break? Lame. Bored.
Doing the same thing over and over again everyday.
Being bored is boring.

Took my phone.
Checking some stuff on Wattpad. Decided to read some Harry Potter stories.
I chose Hogwarts with the Marauders.
Stopped my reading at Chapter 9.

Turned on my laptop and updating my blog.
Here I am, writing an entry.

Gerak lu pape roger.

Monday, August 22


Salam and Hi peeps!

It's me Ee. So in this entry I'm going to answer all the questions or numbers y'all have chosen on previous post. You can hit HERE if you are wondering.
Let's go ahead.

1 (asked by Zulhilmi)
Full name:
My full name is Nurul Farozze. If you are wondering how to pronounce it, it is (Fa-ro-zi)
Don't ask me the meaning, because I don't know. and its kinda unique I know. I'm proud of that!
Actually I got the name because I was born at the moment my dad started his business and the product name is Rozze - wangian stuff like that.
It has been 20 years and takda dah pun that thing. Just call me Ee (E-e) anyway.

5 (asked by Scya Lollita, Mazni Munawar, nadhie wueen, Anis Diyana)
No one.

And brother Zulhilmi is so funny. Hahaha. go check his blog - HIT HERE
Anyway, I don't eat tempoyak but I love durian.

6 (asked by Nurul Aini, ayunie ramli)
Ever fell in love:

7 (asked by Vanilla, CP)
Favourite food:
Pizza and Sushi. Udang sambal. Ikan bakar with air asam something (I don't know). Crab.

12 (asked by Iz Rdn, nurul rasya, Mazni Munawar)
What am I addicted to? I think it must be Coffee,
Or sometimes it's Milo or Chocolate. Omg. You say it, dark, milk etc. etc. I love it all.
If you are wondering what thing I can't live without, it's my laptop or my phone and the movie Harry Potter. Hehe.

16 (asked by stnrsyfh Sya, Nurulatika Yunus, Eyja)
One Wish:
I wish I can be like Harry Potter. Because I've always wanted to meet the Voldemort and ask him, where's his nose and what happened to it. etc.

Too many questions about his nose. I can't help.

17 (asked by Syaza Raihanah, Tashira z, Yumee Dream)
Best time in my life:
The bestest time in my life would be, em when I was in Matriculation Program. I have learned tons of things - gained some priceless experiences over the year.

That was my first time ever away from my parents. and I felt a bit free at that moment- that was what I've been looking. Hehe. Tapi I menangis lah the first week tu,
Because yknow my dad is overprotective back then. But that is totally okay. I love the way he raised me up.
Yang paling I suka,
I can eat Maggi or Mee Sedaap Goreng whenever I want and can spend money on anything I want.
And actually at 18-19 year old, I belajar kenal diri sendiri. It is a huge chapter in my life. Literally.

19 (asked by nadiah izzaty)
Plan on getting married:

20 (asked by nurul rasya)
Favourite Subject:
Physics, Math and Add-Math. Chemistry (few Chapters)
Add-Math is the subject that I love the most.

21 (asked by Sheeka Azli, Nuraini Munira J, Haslinda Ganing, Mazni Munawar, nadhie wueen)
First, thank you Sheeka my friend hehe. We can have chit chat sometimes. kan? =D
What makes me feel insecure is someone who is very very brilliant, intelligent etc.
I always want to be more excellent lah macamtu, I take it as a challenge lah then. Like "if they can, why not me?"
Yes healthy way!

I suka study tapi I tak suka pergi class.

23 (asked by Hami Asraff)
Miss anyone:
I miss my late brother. It's been about 8 or 9 years he passed away.

24 (asked by Belahan Jiwa)
Worst habbit:
I makan tak pernah habis. I memang and mesti tinggalkan few sisa thingy on my plate. I don't know how to licinkan pinggan. I seriously am.

26 (asked by Iqwa-niera, nadiah izzaty, nadhie wueen)
Biggest fear:
Lizard. Yes Cicak. I can't I swear.
You can ask my roommate, I memang menjerit, lompat and whatnot.
Kat rumah I jarang sangat ada, tapi kalau dekat hostel. Yes!
Kalau ada cicak dalam toilet memang I takkan masuk! or dalam bilik I dekat hostel - kalau ada, I literally can't sleep!
Omg it looks like a baby crocodile. Memang scary gila.

28 (asked by nurul rasya)
Something I hate:
I hate lizard, crocodile, snake, all reptiles. Durian crepe. I love love durian but not the crepe one!
I don't do hate people. I just hate taking care on someone's shit.

29 (asked by Mas)
Favourite Movie:

Harry Potter series of course. (well I'm a Potterhead)
Besides - Colonia, Bridge to Terabithia, Maleficent. All are highly recommended!
Banyak lah, I love fantasy, fairy tales - that kind of movie! Suggest me any movies?
Anyway, I usually watching online HERE! check it out.

30 (asked by Ahmad Hasif, Eyqa Zq, Tashira z, Rara Zack)
Jealous of:
To be honest I'm not jealous of anything or anyone at this time.
I literally don't do jealous. I really am.
But people if you are a jealousy person, that's natural. The jealousy is healthy what! but too much is not good. Understand?

Oh ya I got one thing! Homigod. I really really jealous of people who can eat a lot, macam perut diorang banyak gila kosong. Because I makan sikit pun dah kenyang.
I dunno. I want to eat a lot. LOTSSSS! But I just can't. TT__TT

That's all.
I would like to thank y'all for the comments.
I LOVE YOU ALL. That kind of entry is so fun lah in my opinion.
Thank you so much. 

Thursday, August 18

Hit me a Number

Salam and Hi all people.

I've seen many bloggers post this kind of Q&A entry onto their blog.
and I've always wanted to do so, I think it's pretty fun! plus, I don't have much time to blog now because I've a kid to take care of.


Yes I did the photo. Ahaaa.
Hit me a number in the comment section below.

Bye peeps!

Tuesday, August 16

Nursery Rhymes

Salam and Hi all.

I hope you are doing very well.
I've been busy quite busy these days - taking care of my nieces and nephews.
There are lots of stories to tell you all but not now.

Memang dari dulu I dah biasa dengan baby and kid. I'm a good babysitter.
Yah I really love kids and they love me as well. For real. Hahaha.
I pernah babysit my cousins plus my niece, so 4 of them - My niece was a baby at that time.
That was literally pufffhhhh (mind blown)

I buat susu sambil dukung baby. Dukung dua orang sekali. I tak boleh bangun sebab diorang akan menangis. I mandikan, basuh this and that! too many to story.
That's a bit weird kut because I'm not married, still. and I was a teen but do babysitting is fun and give me experiences.
That I can be a supermom in the future. Well. Hahaha.

Actually I ada masa sikit to blog for now because my niece is sleeping.
Lets get started before she wakes up.

One of my nieces, her name Sara. 

One of the things I must do when I babysit them - I will let them watching Nursery Rhymes either I it play on tv or laptop/phone/tablet etc. 
They really really like it and akan diam or tidur. Easy kan.
So today I would like to share few Nursery Rhymes or Channels on Youtube that my babies and I like.

This is superb awesome and I like it. I like the animations, songs and all. also the dance. Haha.

I love this. super! Hahaha. The channel is very good. I had play all the playlists and videos like for hours. They didn't get bored at all. You should check their Channel and Subscribe!
I love all their videos. The animations are very very good, the graphic is superb. Everything is awesome!
Few songs I love as weel, from the same channel:

Ya Allah there are too many videos on this channel yang I suka. If you have baby or kid. Please lah get your baby and watch all of them. You have to. Please do this for your baby. Hahaha.
Another videos from different channel:

Omg this channel is incredible cute. I swear. Hahaha.

There are tons of videos your baby will like to watch!
The channel is, Dava and Ava - Nursery Rhymes and Baby Songs.
Check it out, all moms and dads and babysitters out there.

Anyways, Nursery Rhymes is so helpful for babies to build their vocabulary.
They are very very good for the brain which can builds memories capabilities that can be applied to any activities. You know what I mean? You have to.

Here is the link of Little Baby Bum:

Bye all.
See you soon.

Friday, August 12

My Makeup Story Tag

Salam and Hi all.

I have been tagged by the pretty Dayana, thank you for that.
Yah this is cool!

In this post, I am sharing with all my darlings out there my makeup story.
I've answered all the 8 questions. So enjoy.

1. How old were you when you started wearing makeup?
I started experimenting with makeup when I was probably about 18 or 19. Anyway, my sister did my makeup once when I was 14 - if I'm not mistaken. I feel so fabulous back then.

Eyes liner was the first makeup item I ever wore.
I remember my first blue mascara. Actually I tersilap beli, I thought it is black mascara because the packaging is in black. I was noob! Yes wearing that few times - fantabulous kan? In fact, I really enjoy it (TT__TT)

2. How did you get into makeup?
My love for makeup thingy has just grown naturally. I don't know. actually I used to be a girl who not a big fan of makeup. I don't hate it and I don't hate people who wearing makeup - I just not a big fan of it. I had a very pale skin tone - orang selalu cakap muka I macam tak sihat, no energy etc.
Kalau keluar pun I pakai hentam je kan.
So I wanted to put some colours on my pale face to enhance my natural beauty lah konon. Since then I got into makeup!

3. What are some of your favourite brands?
I am using drugstore brands for now - because I'm beginner and still learning how to apply this and that, so drugstore tersangatlah sesuai for beginners like me.
Actually there are tons of brands I've never tried. But brands I've been using are Maybelline, in2it, Silkygirl, Sendayu Tinggi, Essence, Elianto. I don't know which one to choose - to be frankly, I love so many of them!
Actually I jarang sangat sangat pakai eyeshadow sebab I malas and I rasa tak perlu.

4. What does makeup mean to you?
To me, I think makeup is super duper fun! It makes me happy.
Its helped me to enhance my features, yknow. It is an enhancement,
and it meant confidence to be honest! Whadya think?

5. If you could only wear 4 products on your face, what would they be?
My picks:
Sendayu Tinggi DOLL SKIN Foundation,
SILKYGIRL Photo Perfect Concealer.
Essence Big Lashes mascara.
IN2IT Colour Stix Moist Pink Passion (to warm up my pale face)

6. What is your favourite thing about makeup?
It's fun and very enjoyable. I swear! and I love the way it gives confidence.

7. What do you think of drugstore VS high end makeup?
I've always wanted to try high end makeup. But I realize Imma beginner, so I decided once I dah Pro in makeup thingy, I'll purchase those high end.
Anyways, there are lots of drugstore products that work very well.
Plus, I lagi suka spend my money on Pizza or Subway!

8. What is the one makeup trend you've never understood?
Nothing. Makeup is easy. Hahaha acah acah.
I think, brows kut. I pernah try guna Eyebrow Pencil but so sad - I nampak macam cartoon and I hate it. So yah I'm using powder je. Easy!
Plus my brows tak payah nak touch up too much. Hehehe thank you brows!

that's that.
Actually there are many many many things I want to share with you all!
But I'm so lazy nak post entry panjang panjang.
Because I pun pemalas nak baca.

p/s I makeup kalau rajin je!


For any questions or suggestions, kindly leave a comment below.
Peace yo!

Tuesday, August 9

I am Struggling

Salam all.
and Hi.

I swear I am struggling to keep my blog updated. It's pretty fun to have a blog, but it's not always easy.
I really want to blog at least twice a week. But yah I admit I don't have that much writing abilities - which can blog every single day!
I don't have any posting schedule anyway.

Sometimes I feel like I don't give a shit on that such things.
I am blogging for myself. I really enjoyed blogging time - I really am.
But it just nice when you get more visitors and readers.
When people sharing the message in my post with other people out there.
It just nice yknow!

I just don't like the feeling when I don't have anything good for you to read.
I still remember when I started blog back then, I was very committed to updating my blog - even on every single day!

But now:
I don't know what to write about.
I don't know where to start/
Act like I'm the busiest girl in the world.
I am so lazy.
Like literally!

I was like:
I want to update my blog tomorrow,
or maybe next few days.
or next week. blahblahblah.

last weekend I went to Kedah. again. I know I look so ugly there! huahua

Actually I do have like tonnes of things to write about and now I realized I'm not struggling for ideas but the laziness - I can't stop being lazy!

Now I will try my best to motivate myself to update my blog regularly.
Okay. Challenge accepted!

Thursday, August 4

PIXY Whitening Two Way Cake - Perfect Fit

Salam all.
and Hi.

It's been awhile since my last post - I know I have not written as much as I would liked to and I really really want to update my blog more often but em yah. haha.

I am so happy because I got my parcel today, its from Mandom Beauty, thank you so much for the Free Sample of PIXY Whitening Two Way Cake Perfect Fit.

I've always wanted to do a product review of any products I used, I don't know I just want to help girls out there.
So here is a review on PIXY Whitening Two Way Cake Perfect Fit.

I think it's quite match my skin, basically my skin tone is yellow-ish - but because of lighting etc, so it looks brighter in the photo above and I'm so sorry for that.
Frankly, I think the Natural Beige shade is match with any skin tones unless your skin is too darker, it's not suitable then you should use Tropical Beige.

The powder does not feel heavy.
and what I like the most about the powder is it blends out smoothly - what makes it is very suitable for touch ups.
of course I like it because it contains vitamin C and SPF 15! It just nice. and the formula does not dry out my skin.

What I dislike about this product is it just stays about 2 hours. But it is okay, You can retouch your face.

I think it just nice to give you a very fresh and more natural look. And for the coverage is light to medium.
The price is nearly RM 19.90, if I wasn't mistaken so yah it is super affordable for teenagers out there.

If you want the powder to stay longer on your face or to look smoother, you can use it through wet method which is you just lembabkan sponge and pakai macam biasa. Plus I swear I really like the sponge.

See my niece in Natural Beige. Hehehe. The powder is super easy to blend!

The cake is also available in 5 shades:

Overall, I would like to give 8.5/10

Till then,