Literally Nothing.

By Nurul Farozze - 11:00 AM

Salam all.

After surviving for one semester, semester break is the best part. All I want to do is nothing. Hahaha. I don't know what to do actually. Like literally.
Before the semester break, I have a things-to-do list, like it is stored imaginary in my brain. I want to do this and that. tons of things.
But now I keep telling myself to do nothing. Everyday is a typical day.
I want to enjoy my semester break by doing some productive activities but I ended up doing literally nothing.

I am interested in so many things, I want to play some games yet I am currently into a lazy mode.
I doing nothing with my days. First three or four days is enjoyable I swear - it was great but now it is not anymore. I start to get bored.

I've got lot of time to sleep since I had some sleepless nights during past semester.
I want to hang around with my friends but I don't get any chance yet.
I've been watching so many movies with different kind of genre since I have a lot free time. Of course watching movie is the best way.

People might suggest to get a job to save up some extra cash. Guess what? my dad asked me to work at his office. I don't know what position I will be at. Umm. I think I don't want to work. Sorry. I want something more excitement.

Doing nothing is not the best thing. Seriously.
All I want to do now is catching up on my reading. I got so many books which remained unread.


I've been reading White Lies. I really, really, really love this novel so far. There is a series of Truth Dare Kiss Promise which are White Lies, Pop Princess and the last is Teen Queens and Has-Beens.
I want to finish all these novels as soon as possible coz I got lots of novels I must read:

see. HAHAHA. I'd love to collect novels by Fixi/Legend/Dubook and whatnot.

I really really want to read this AWEKCHUCKTAYLOR since it is the most recommended novel. I don't know why. Let me read it first.

These are some Fixi Novels I have not read yet.
and Fixi's that I have read are
-   trilogy of MURTAD & TUHAN (LAKNAT I have not read it yet)
-   trilogy of AJAIB, AWAN & AKSARA highly high recommended
-   series of ASRAMA & PATUNG highly recommended
-   NOTA
-   TRIO

from other publisher
- series of BABI & SAKA

and few I've forgotten. sorry.
If you want any reviews. do let me know. I won't be biased. hoho.

For right now. that is it.
What about you?

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11 love letter(s)

  1. Nice books you got there. Same with me. Really love to buy books but didn't finish read all yet :D

  2. Banyaknya bukuuuu hehe. Teringin nak beli novel fixi tapi macam tak kena dengan jiwa haha >.<

  3. Where you buy all that books?? please suggest any place yang senang nak beli :), I also love to read fixi books tapi mostly pinjam dekat kawan je hehe ..

  4. @HASLINDA GANING usually I purchase online je. You can visit BUKU FIXI'swebsite.

    and those all english novel I bought them at MPH book stores.

  5. kalau ada masa boleh tak ee review awekchucktaylor & trilogi murtad? hehe

  6. Comey and Kacau best! hehe saya pon suka collect buku Fixi :)

  7. tak pernah baca buku fixi, haha

  8. @sehunie I will do, InshaAllah =D

  9. murah tak buku English ? susah nak cari buku English harga berpatutan. btw :) kita geng banyak buku tergendala tak berbaca
    babi & saka best!
    Ajaib, Awan & Aksara pun the best! (paling suka novel syafiq aizat ni)

  10. @ asyu asyura novelis Affordable kut. Ada yang mahal and murah. Mostly my novels tak sampai rm20. there are tons of novels yang affordable at MPH. go check it out.

  11. Thank you for the info :) ..


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