Software Engineering Course Review

By Nurul Farozze - 1:00 AM

Salam all.

Thank you Najiah Anuar who asked me to story/share more about course that I am taking for my degree now which is Software Engineering.

I don’t know where to start seriously serious. Okay. Breath in.

I chose Software Engineering and UPSI as the institution, it was my third-most wanted course in the UPU application. There were tons of courses and yaaaa I don’t know I was likeee I think I can do this. I asked myself if I am able to do this type of work. I do love computer I love technology I love developing I love creating etc.
At that time, I am just a 19-year-old girl who literally hope this may be the field for me.

I wish that I am a natural born programmer/software engineer HAHAHAH. Lol.

There are tons of people that are brilliant and I am afraid that I can't compete the others. But then I think I can be a good software developer if I want to. No one and nothing could stop me. Ahaaa.

Many people say it is tough.
But for me. You won’t feel stress if you love doing that even it is tough. Just go on with it.

So here I am. I teach myself programming at first since I ponteng banyak sangat class comp science when I was in matriculation. But Alhamdulillah. Thank Allah. I got A for comp science. Alhamdulillah for thousands and more. and yaaa thank you to my tutorial teacher. Love you.

Okay move on.
2015/2016 batch

In this course we will learn how to build things (software). Apply the theories, follow all the software engineer ethics and build it.
Learn the tools. And explore.  

Sometimes software engineers create mathematical algorithms which will allow software to function. FYI, I do love Math much plus I am quite good at Math (no brag).
Math is so helpful to make us good at problem-solving and it is important once you have become a real software engineer. I dunno. Just my two cents.
In my university. We need to take math, 1st calculus, Linear algebra and discrete math. 

Actually I think it is an interesting thing to explore. It is mix of theory and practice.
We can create small to big applications for mobile devices. Experiment with the application.
Besides, we also can make something like web app, desktop app etc. You can code for something which interests you.
Which is interesting for you, just go for that then.

We learn software design, architecture, software development solutions, tools, techniques. Etc.
We learn more than one languages, at least a couple of ‘em. C++, Java. Etc.
We will work as interns on 8th semester (final year) to gain hands-on training.  

Some might say you will be making much more money doing this. I don’t know. It is all up to you.
For me, it is not all about money because I love doing this yet it is about money because I want to make lots of money and buy things and shop harder. Hahaha. Well you are going to have bills and stuff. *joke

Set up your intention, and I choose to work for myself and I want to help others with produce something useful, I want to make life easier for us, a little easier. I want to gain more knowledge and skills. Goshhh. This sounds very filmy tho. Haha.  

But seriously. I love to and want to explore more and more. I want to learn more advanced technologies. Databases. Etc. I just want to.
I am so sorry if this is not so helpful and if you still not clear about the course I am taking. I am really really sorry for that. I am trying harder so I suggest y'all to just google for more information.


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11 love letter(s)

  1. UPSI? sama laaaaa.. hehehe

  2. Aisyah Sukor wow whatttt. seriously? haha hi mate.

  3. thank u sis for the sharing..glad that u enjoy what ure doing rite now!

  4. wahhh, saya minat software ni jugak! ^^ saye minat sc computer ni tapi rezeki saya more to biology pulok. huhuu. btw, good luck in your study yaaa! ^^

  5. things won't get easy after this! uni's life is a real deal tau hehehe put trust on Him and in sha Allah semuanya akan ok!! all the best, future software engineer :)

  6. bestnyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ee oiiii hihihi take care nwayyy <3

  7. wish you all the best partner in crime gua ;D
    p/s: bila dah Berjaya bina software feel free to share with me bruhh kuikui

  8. AnonymousJuly 14, 2016

    Klau lps spm camne nk prepare dr awal? What should i dooooooo....

  9. I will blog about it later. so stay tuned!

  10. software engineer wanita. sgt rare kat malaysia kan hehe.
    apa pun mmg best buat coding. tak bosan sbb teknologi sentiasa update yg baru. tp knowledge kita pon kena slalu update jugak. kalau tak, mmg ketinggalan dan outdated.


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