By Nurul Farozze - 8:14 AM

Salam all.

I really really miss y'all.
I dunno what to blog about. seriously. it has been a while since the very last update on April.
and now is in June. well i grew up.

So so so many things happened since then. and yaaaah
Im in the middle of final exam. oh someone asked me what course im taking right now (thank you for asking/caring) it is Bachelor of Software Engineering - 3 years left. yahhh Im doing well so far, I got first class on last semester. yay! and for this semester hopefully. ameen. if Allah wills.

Hopefully I will become a very successful software engineer and produce a very useful software for people out there and you who are reading this and following me since 7 years ago.

wow its already 7 years. applause.

So this post is kind of comeback post lah kut. i dunno. please pray for me and do support me to keep updating my blog. and share and give some motivations to people like before.

oh yaaaaa. to who thinks im not as brutal as before. ahhhh youre totally wrong. i am brutal still. yo!

i have lots lots of stories to share with you all. but i dunno which one should i tell you first.
so feels free to suggest me. you can ask me anything about my life. my studies. my student life. etc. anything. i will answer you as soon as possible.

bye peeps!

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12 love letter(s)

  1. rindu haha
    ee jujur baru tau hg ambik software engineering lol

    cerita pasal ehem ehem hg hahahaha

  2. May Allah ease eveything for you :)

  3. Good luck for final exam :)

  4. congrats on yr result! tepuk tangannnn! and pleaseee teruskan jadi brutal sebab hg dgn feminin buat gua insekyooo. HAHAHAH jk. yayyy comeback comeback!

    *tlg perasan komen ni*

  5. wow software engineering! hebat tu :D all the best final exam!

    rindu sangat kat akak tau takkk. masih ingatkah lagi kat saya ni? huhu

  6. Kunjungan disini :)
    di tunggu kunjungan baliknya

  7. Wahh. Hebatttt! Goodluck untuk sem sem seterusnyaaa. :D

  8. welcome back :)
    and all the best for your final :)

  9. yo Ee! akak engineer dah mai dah. haha. cerita semua please. aku baca >.<

  10. otai masih berbisa.. hekhekhek

  11. goodluck for your studies kak..would love to hear more about ur course kak :D


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