Friday, April 29


Salam all.

it has been oh soooo long since the very last update.

lets see.
what happened since then? hmmmm

oh ya
got enrolled in UPSI (thats Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris for those who dont know)
already in the 2nd sem, nearing its end yawww.

what else is there?

ohhhhhh rightttttttttttttt

this happened last week. it was a HUGE surprise actually hehehee.
those on wechat would hv definitely knewww (what about, who he is etc)

what happened?
upload pics, then buang. then lamaaaa tak update, then upload new ones. then buang.
seriously, malas nak hadap that thing.


this might as well, be the last update for this blog. wayyyy too lazy to blogging due to lots of assignments and homeworks etc (tu pun dh tkde idea dh nak letak title apaa)

plus, we hv finally reached our ultimate goal. there are nothing else to be look for and we never regretted every single day since

farewell peeps!


Nur Najihah said...

what course sis?

NA said...

Alamak teruskanlah memulis.
Saya dari masa ke masa jengah blog ni.


Nurul Farozze said...

@Nur Najihah Software Engineering

@NA huaaaaaaaaaaaaa nak sangat. tapi hm