Saturday, June 13

Forget you.

Salam all.

quite recently.

"Kau ni duduk dalam bilik je. buat apa haa?"

and i was like "@$#%$#%##"

the point is. bila masa pulak aku 'duduk dalam bilik je'. Bukan aku breakfast.lunch.dinner.watching tv.etc dekat luar bilik ke? or sebenarnya dia ni tak nampak aku? am i an invisible girl?

So i decided to come out of my room. konon konon nak tunjuk muka gua yang macho ni.


everyone with their gadgets.
i was like "OOOOOOOOOKAY. lepasni kita contact through phone je. via whatsapp.messenger.wechat and stuff"

"apesal pulak?"


guys. look. whatchu doing?

mom? playing games.
dad? baca article.
lil bro? coc.coc.coc.coc.whatsapp.
bro? coc.coc.coc.coc.coc.coc.coc.coc.coc.
both lil sis? youtube-ing.whatsapp.

i was "korang ni whatsapp siapa haa? ada boyfriend eh?"

maybe now i had to accept my bro's suggestion which is "lepas ni kita kena buat perampasan phone"

last. apa yang 'forget you'?
oh tak. actually i tengah play 'Forget You by Cee Lo Green'

I guess she's an Xbox and I'm more Atari,
but the way you play your game ain't fair.

amagaaaaad. my fav song!

see ya.

Tuesday, June 9

changed and unchanged

Hi all.

thank you to all yang keep visiting this little blog even i didnt any entry for a long period of time.
last update on November 2014. dengan umur 18 yang life punya busy dekat matrik.

what? busy?

not really.
and i am 19 now. dah besar kan anak ayah?
heyyyy! hows life? hows everything?

long story short. there are many things yang dah berubah. i mean not same as before.
body weight? cheeks? semua naik. oh crap.
but Alhamdulillah. from underweight to ideal. and bukan overweight. still. 43kg to 48kg. yknowwwww. plus my height pun increased. 1cm.

apa lu?

i've many friends from various states. i mean bertambah ramai. haaa. and yaa dah jumpa macam macam jenis perangai. baik buruk. benda biasa lah tu. why not take everything as a lesson in life. kan?
plus. there must be a reason why Allah sent them to us. around us. 
already knew that everythings happen for a reason. hikmah. which is kita tak nampak pun kadang-kadang. and maybe. tak sedar.
Babe, keep in mind that Allah tests us with bad and good things.

and i've become more mature. kot.

oh yaaaa, header blog pun dah tukar. as you can see. tadaaa. 
thank you so much to bruhh Anasyg for sponsoring my previous header. thank ya.

what still remains the same?
em. i still noob kalau pasal dapur.masak and stuff. but heyyy no worries. im gonna be my husband's masterchef. someday. 

and i dont have instagram account. still. thank you to people who keep asking me "girllll. bila nak create instagram account?' etc.
i was like. "em nantilah. nanti. k."

serious malas nak hadap that thing.

of course gua still gangster. 

till we meet again. 
salam sayang.