Monday, January 28

Chic Chop for Dinner.

May peace be upon you.

Last night. My family and I went out to dinner. When I dapat tahu nak keluar makan, dah terbayang-bayang dah Chicken Chop. Serious. This is one of my favourite food chu knowww.

At first tak rancang pun nak pergi kedai mana. Mencari lama jugak lah. Then, we decided to try this western eatery. Actually, macam takut-takut jugak nak try Chicken Chop becaz before this kitorang pernah terkena. I meannn, dulu we went to this kedai tau. Tak jauh pun dengan kedai yang latest I pergi ni. Time tuuu, Excited gila nak makan Chicken Chop. Order kemain, memasing nak yang grill. Fried tak laku dah masa tu.

Tunggu berejam. Air gua pun dah half.

Dapat. Rasa macam. Oh. Cilakak habis. Serious babe gua cakap luuu.

This time, memasing dont want yang grill. Pakat order fried semua including me. But, this one memang sedap and service dia pun quiet bagus. Tunggu pun tak lama. I really prefer this eatery lah.

Low quality of photo. Aha Aha tak tayok.

RM 6 for one plate. Very reasonable. Inexpensive. Perfect. After this we wanna try the grill one pulak. Anyway, mushroom soups and garlic bread dia pun okay what. Niceeee one.

Habis makan. Went to tesco. Habiskan duit. Going back home.

Bye. uolls. See. You. Take. Care.

Sunday, January 27

Consequences of Cross-country.

Assalamualaikum. May peace be upon you. Bonjour.

Dei. Peopleeee. Seems like dah lama gua tak update this blog. Yea. Nak kata I busy, not really. But macam takda masa. School day memang tak lah. Weekend? Normally Ive tuition. Biasalaaaah, spm candidate kan. Aha. Even macam banyak benda I wanna blog but when dah login and start typing macam hilang semuanya. Serious what. Hahaha.


I really regret join merentas desa this year. Before this memang I tak pernah join pun. Im not a student yang suka involve dalam activity macam ni. Thats why kalau isi maklumat for cc marks. Im the one yang paling sadis sekali. I rasa markah cc I low sangat. Aha aha aha. Not funny at all.

And this year, I nak join. Imma like tahun last sekolah kan. Why not? Haa. mendapat lah. Already two days, kaki gua sakit.  During cikgu suruh buat stretching, tak habis dengan gelak. Hm. Padan padan. Menyesal air mata darah gua.

Fyi. I was the last student yang sampai. Actually I tak sedar tau, I thought ada lagi orang behind me. I realize when one of my teacher yang ikut dekat belakang, admonished me.

"cepat sikit, awak yang last tau"

"Saya dah tak larat dah ni"

"Awak demam ke?"

Likeee what?

Serious? Dalam kepala otak gua masa tu, lantak lah. Penat nak mati dah ni. Haha. I pun chat lah with that cikgu. Actually dia pernah ajar I when I was form 2, then dia pindah and this year pindah sini balik. Yknow what? he was like shocked when I cakap I dah form 5. Haha. Seriousss.

Kaki still sakit. What should I dooooo?

Gua rasa. Gua rasa..... Entry penuh kecelaruan. Ini semua factor kaki. hmph,

The end. Peacee. See ya. Muchos loves. gitu. uolls.

Friday, January 4

Im the Treasurer.

Assalamualaikum. May peace be upon you.

This is my second update in 2013. Haha. Im 17 years old now. I mean form 5 so Im one of SPM candidates. I always remind myself you knowwwww. Amagaddd. Cant believe it. Time is too fast for me. Seriously.


Okay. As usual. Every class mesti ada perlantikan baru. You know what I meannnn? I mean AJK. class monitor. assistant. and blabla. Mkay. Guess what? I am bendahari @ treasurer. There are two pupils yang tercalon who is I and my grrrlfriend. I dunno who yang vote I. Amagaddd amagaddd.

Before this. They told me already, they will choose me cuz I senang nak consult dengan students lelaki dalam kelas tu yang degil.liat.susah sangat nak bayar duit class. Hahaha. I've no idea. I dont know. I was evaluated by them. I just accept it. Im the ahlong now. Kahkahkah.

When I was 13 and 14, I just be an assistant. Tk pernah terpikir untuk pegang this jawatan. Ahaaaa. Anyway, thank you cause choose me. Yang penting, Im glad to know that they trust me. Mkay. Thats it. Pray for me. I mean pray for my study.SPM.future. I always pray for you all. I mean, my blog readers.followers.visitors. Thank you.

Tomorrow nak daftar untuk tuition. Hmph, penat guaaa. Tkpa tkpa only for this year. See ya people. Lovesssss <3

Tuesday, January 1

Older.Better.Stronger & More mature


Today is 1 Dec 2013. Hm, cepatnya masa. I cant believe that Im 17 right now. Amagad Amagaad Amagaaad, please. Im gettin older. Haha. Whatever, I still young. Whats more important is, besok sekolah. Im too excited you know, but when my mind keep thinking bout SPM examination. and imma likeeeee, I dunno how to say. But I really hope, I can do it.I'll suceed.I'll make my parents smile,happy. You know what Im saying bout. Kan?

Everyday.everytime.everysecond. We'll be older and older. I always hope that I shall be stronger and stronger.better and better time by time. I wish I can be more mature, I can manage myself. Im not a girl anymore but Im not a woman yet. Yah, I dunno. When I was 16, Ive so many memories that I cant forget at all. I mean, sadness.happiness.laughter and tears. I really love it even sometimes it hurts me. Seriously. I cant and I wont forget everything.

Do pray for my SPM, wish me luck. I just wanna make my parents happy. I just wanna see them smile. Thats it. Wanna share your New Year's resolution? Just drop your comment and I shall read it. Yahh.

See ya. May peace be upon you.