Saturday, November 24

Im not good in Drawing.


Yesterday. I tried to draw. Incidentally time tu I boring gila. Tau tak. Ive no idea nak buat apa. Nak study. Ive no mood. Yahh. I dunno. And I ternampak colour pencil. I thought by myself. Why not I try melukis. Kann. Nak lukis sendiri-sendiri. Memang I tak pandai lah. Then I chose one of my comics from the collection that Ive. I pilih comic The Fishes. I memang pembaca comic tegar. I tak minat novel. Seriously. Kalau baca pun tak pernah sampai habis. Nak sampai tengah pun payah. Hahaha.

Tadaa. Ini before I warnakan.

Ini after I warnakan.

Fyi. Since I kecik lagi I memang suka coloring. I lagi suka mewarna than drawing. I dunno why. Maybe 'cause Im not good in drawing. Hehe. After then I saja lah upload this painting dekat Facebook. Hm. I got a good news.

Wish me luck. I wish I can. In fact I just trying cuz I memang takda basic melukis.seni.whatever. Hehe. Pray for me. Thanks everyone. By the way. Ada yang nak tak? I boleh suggest kan youolls dekat dia. Seriously. Muchos love here. Peace.

Wednesday, November 21



no intro. sorry.

Okay. in UPSR I just got 4As 1B and B is Bahasa Melayu (Penulisan). hm. In fact I ada jugak applied a few residential school. And I got an offered for religious school. tapi untuk masuk situ kena pass lagi satu exam kan. I attended the exam but I failed. So I bersekolah in regular school. I was lucky becaz I was able to enter the RK class.

Since then I dengar memacam orang cakap pasal sekolah harian biasa ni. Most of which Ive heard is bout the future. I mean chance untuk dapat IPTA. Ada yang kata student sekolah harian ni susah untuk dapat IPTA. I dunno whether its reliable or not. Im confused. I just rely on luck.prayer. you know.

I'll be a SPM candidate next year, 2013. So gua mesti berfikir tentang masa depan guaaaaa!

A few days ago. I ada sembang dengan kawan I. Actually we rarely meet cuz sekolah lain-lain kann. After UPSR dia dapat masuk MRSM. I didnt remember her result. Are unsure whether 4As or 5As. Okay. at first she asked me about school and stuff. And she talk about spm.

She told me :

Kalau bersekolah di sekolah kementerian budak yang top senang dapat IPTA. Macam MRSM, ada biasiswa untuk pelajar cemerlang lagipun ada 3 interview sebab tu peluang cerah. Tapi student MRSM ramai. Kalau sekolah kementerian senang dapat sebab tak banyak competition tapi memang kena struggle sikit bagi kita nampak top. Dapat rank 1-5 kira okay dah. At least score subject yang cenderung dengan cita-cita. Sebab untuk pemilihan IPT dia akan tengok yang bersesuaian dengan result kita.

The problem is I dont have any ambition. And she suggested me to be a teacher. Ohmagadd. Im not interested. Haha. Kalau betul apa yang dia cakap. Alhamdulillah sangat becaz before this I dapat ranking number 1 dalam form and the latest number 5. Ohoo. Decline!

Any suggestions for ma ambition? Hahaha. I took science stream tapi I drop Bio and ambik Accounting. so far. Accounting I A/A+ and tak pernah decline setakat ini. Alhamdulillah. Tapi im not interested to be an accountant. Hehe. Peace.

Free Gaza. Ameen. Peace be upon you.

Saturday, November 17

Pray For Gaza.


Ya Allah. Please save all of palestinians in Gaza. And give them strength to stand against Zionists. Aminn.

My dua is always with you. Allah is always by your side. 

From Ee (Malaysian)

Thursday, November 15

Bye Form 4.


Dalam minggu ni. Im very busy even my coursework dah completed. But there are barriers bila I nak update blog you know. I hope you know. Haha. However Im veghie veghie happy becaz I already send the coursework and I hope so I shall get an A. Insya Allah. Aminnnn.

School holidays was began. My mak told me to be ready for the next year learning. When Ive thought deeply. I must do it you know. I mean I must begin to learn to form 5 subjects or revise lessons form 4 or whatever. Yeahh. Doakan kerajinan gua. Ahaks.

Gua sorang nampak gigi. Hehe.



Aku dah try ni. Awesome. Haha.

How pendek I am?

Fizo. lol.

Bye form 4 science 2. Im gonna miss you.

Pray for Gaza. Peace be upon you.

Friday, November 2

Now its over. Jyeahhh!


Yes. Exam is over. Im too excited. I dunno how to say. And the more important is school holidays will start soon. Amagaddd. Heaven. Gahahahaha.

But. My kerja kursus account still tak siap lagi. I wish I can finish that task as soon as possible. Pray for me. Please. Hm hm u___u I also hope I'll get a flying colours result. Amin.

Bila school holidays dah mula. Tusyen pun bermula. mak told me to register for add maths and physics tuition. I just comply with orders. Ahahahahahaks!

On Eid Ul Adha. Hehe.

And. I already voted Matluthfi90 for Shout Aloud Award. Peace.

Bye. See chu later.