Saturday, May 5



Im too lazy to face this lappy and stuff right now. You know what I meannnnn? -,-

Haaaaaaaaaaaaah, Im totally airless with her. Her okay not him. Hahahaha =p I dont know what is her problem, no matter big or petty problem. I've no idea bout that. Okay, she's really annoying. It seem like she's super annoying girl. No doubt!

She gave me a problem okay. I dont like the way she treat me. You know what? she treat me like her girlfie/boyfie. Actually, i dont too courageous to judge her either she's lesbian or what. Anyway, thats not well thing kan? But, seriously. I menyampah, meluat, geli, rimas and stuff. Hahah

I dont know what kind of thing that I should do to her, to makes she realize that I've been airless with her. Takkan lah I nak disrespectful dengan dia pulak kan? Fyi, Im airless with her since the first - I cant remember when =X

I dont wanna mention her name or anything bout her here cause I dont wanna embarrass her. But I hope she'll realize that I really dont like the way she treat me. I dont like the way she mengada-ngada with me, the way she text me and stuff, her action when she's face to face with me. Ohh, geli you know.

That awkward feeling u_____u Kay bye!